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 Helping Us, Help Everyone Else

There are countless ways that you can contribute to help make a better online resource and help us, help everyone else. Not only that, you can earn credit towards free stuff.

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So whether you want do it just to do it or you want free stuff, take a moment and help improve for everyone else by contributing content to Your Texas Mountain Bike Resource.


Contributions to our trail listings may range from providing data that is missing, correcting information that may be inaccurate (e.g., trail length), submitting a completely new trail (even for the Destinations section), and/or providing a quality review for a trail (check out some of our current reviews for an idea of what we are looking for).

If submitting a trail review, please include by what name you would like to be credited.

New Trail/Trail Review submission form

Bike Shops/Online Retailers/Associations

For the most part, contributions to these directories are limited to submitting new listings using the forms listed below. In the event you wish to share a positive or negative experience with an LBS or online retailer, please contact the webmaster, being sure to note the location of the LBS in case they have multiple locations.

Local Bike Shop submission form | Online Retailer submission form | Association/Club submission form

"How to..." Directory

Contributions to the "How to..." directory may cover virtually any topic that can be tied to mountain biking. This includes, but is not limited to: equipment/bike maintenance, riding techniques, health and fitness, and more. Please submit only content which you have the right to submit.

An article or guide may be submitted in an email or as an email attachment (preferred). Email submissions should be made to the webmaster (click email link at bottom of page).

Please include how you would like to be credited: Article submitted by ____________.

Photos & Videos

Photo and video submissions can be made by emailing them as attachments to the webmaster (click email link at bottom of page) or providing a link to their location online (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube, flickr, Photobucket, etc.).

Please ensure that you provide where the photo/video was taken and any other relevant information you wish to add. Personal captions are encouraged for photos, but not required.


• 600x800 or larger (landscape layout) or 750x1000 (portrait layout),
• How you would like credit given (photo courtesy of ____________),
• User-provided captions are preferred, but not required,
• Naturally, we want shots that are nice and clear/sharp, and lastly
• Riders in photos are great, as long as the trail remains the primary subject.


• Ideally no more than 5 min in length (can be longer if video is engaging),
• Though HD is preferred, High Quality is perfectly fine,
• Highlights or sections are preferred over uninterrupted clips, and
Video title and how you would like credit given (video courtesy of ____________).

Note: We may not be accepting photos for trail listings which already contain over 30 photos; however, if your photos are good enough, we'll still add them or remove photos to make room for new ones.

Everything Else

All other content can be submitted using our Contact form. To include:

• Submitting a term or acronym for the Dictionary,
• Recommending a third-party website (including personal websites), or
• Anything else in order to help enhance for everyone else.

Click here to read more about our Contribution Incentives Program.

Last modified: 3 January 2012