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As mentioned on another page around here, a mountain biker living in Texas has a Copper Canyon, Mexicovast assortment of variety to select from when it comes to riding. Texas offers mountain trails, singletrack cutting through forests, desert riding, beach riding, and almost everything in between. Mammoth Mountain, CA

Every now and then, however, it's nice to get out and test your skills in a completely different environment. Every state, every country, offers something unique to the riders that pass through. You owe it to yourself to step out of Texas at least once and experience something completely new while on two wheels.

The destinations listed here are considered either must-rides or were satisfying enough to justify being placed upon this page. Some may have been not-so worthwhile, which warranted being listed here, as well.



New Mexico


Asia: South Korea

Europe: Germany

IMBA's List of Epic Rides

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