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How to Advertise on

It's easy to advertise on! All you have to do is read over the Terms & Conditions, decide which page(s) you wish to advertise on, complete the Contract and send it our way!

Advertising on is based on a 3-month contract. The amounts noted below cover the entire 3-month period. Although dollar amounts are stated, alternative payment arrangements can be made, but must first be approved by the owner of If you wish to advertise on but wish to utilize an alternate payment method, please contact the administrator.

Non-profit organizations, please contact us for special rates!

Note: Website statistics are available upon request.

Benefits of Advertising

  1. Gain additional exposure for yourself, your business, or your organization.
  2. Support the mountain bike community by supporting the resources available to them.
  3. Enable the ability to better improve the site and enhance its content much more effectively and quickly.
  4. Allow the means to provide prizes and additional support to organized events.
     Note: All funds generated by go towards the Contribution Incentives Program, supporting local organizations and charities (e.g. the Bikes for Goodness Sake Foundation), and other supporting activities.
  5. Simply put: help us, help everyone else.

About the Page Categories

Naturally, the pages on are not visited equally. As a result, it is up to the Advertiser to select which Page Category they wish to advertise on and how many pages within that category they would like their advertisement to appear. Costs noted are per page. Please note that no more than two banner ads will be displayed on one page at any given time and will be listed alphabetically.

Category I

Category I pages are generally the ones that attract the majority of our visitors and therefore provide the most exposure for your business or organization.

Daily Views: 50 - 100 (2250 views month/average )

Cost per Page Current Category I pages
  • $45
    ($15 per month)

Category II

The pages included in this category do not usually have as many visitors as Category I pages, but still find themselves being visited quite frequently.

Daily Views: 20 - 30 (800 views month/average )

Cost per Page Current Category II pages
  • $25
    ($8 per month)

Category III

Category III pages are generally our least visited pages; however, the internet is dynamic and what is a Category III page today, could be a Category I page tomorrow. Rest assured, if you enter into contract with us and advertise on a Category III page that begins to gain enough exposure to be bumped up to Category I status, it doesn't cost you a penny more, as it will only be considered Category I for any new contracts. In other words, low cost with potentially high exposure!

Daily Views: 10 - 30 (varies)

Cost per Page Current Category III pages
  • $15
    ($5 per month)
  • All pages not listed above are currently considered Category III pages

Category IV

The Category IV designation is reserved for trail listings only. We created this category for those advertisers that wish to focus on a particular area, such as a restaurant or something nearby to a particular trail or park. Since Category IV encompasses all trail listings, it's hard to determine any average statistics, as these numbers are so varied and continually fluctuate between trails.

Daily Views: varies

Cost per Page Current Category III pages
  • $24
    ($8 per month)
  • All trail listings are considered Category IV

Advertising will be contractual for 3 months unless alternate terms are established at the time of contribution.

Rates are effective through 30 April 2010

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Last modified: 27 October 2015