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We at are aware that we can't find all of the valuable content that is spread across the internet, and we definitely aren't capable of knowing every little bike shop throughout the State of Texas or every detail of every trail. It's also a safe assumption that over-all, those of us that ride bikes with knobby tires are a rather helpful group. It's also a safe assumption that everyone likes free stuff, and you can get it by contributing!

Why contribute?

Top ten reasons for contributing:

  1. Helping thousands of other mountain bikers like yourself become more educated, more informed, or at the very least more entertained looks great on a résumé.
  2. Earn points towards sweet stuff; like t-shirts, jackets, coffee mugs and more.
  3. The information we provide will be more accurate and of greater use to other riders.
  4. Googling yourself will show more search results since we do give credit where credit is due.
  5. Ah, you know that warm, fuzzy feeling from doing a good deed?
  6. By sending photos we are all privileged to see that sweet new bike you just spent two months salary on.
  7. At your next social gathering you can tell everyone that you are, in fact, a published author, photographer, etc.
  8. Contributing could make you famous!
  9. Everyone else is doing it. Well, at least they should be.
  10. It'll make me feel better about all the time spent in front of the computer.

How to contribute

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Last modified: 3 January 2012