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Out-of-State Trails

Heading out of state or out of the country? To help out we've tried to put together a few reliable resources for all 50 States (including D.C.), and a few other countries. Some of the sites listed are similar to in that they cover the entire area, while others may be regional and provide links to local trails (think FWMBA, GHORBA, et al.).

Hopefully these sites help out in planning your next out-of-state (or out of country) trip. If so, let us know. We love to hear about other trails and can then try to convince you to contribute to the Destinations page.

Note: Many links lead directly to a page listing trails, saving you the time of trying to figure out why we listed it. Website's tend to change, so if any of the links come up 'Page not found' please let us know so that we can update the link or remove it.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the following websites

Alabama Outdoor Alabama  |  SORBA-Chattanooga  |  Alabama State Parks
Alaska BLM
Arizona  |  |  BLM
Arkansas State Park Adventures  |  Parks & Tourism
California (SoCal)  |  BLM
Colorado  |  BLM
Connecticut Crankfire  |  NEMBA  |  Bikekinetix  |  DEP
Delaware Bikekinetix  |  DNREC
District of Columbia Bike Washington  |  MORE
Florida SWAMP (Tampa)  |  SBA (Suwannee River region)  |  SORBA-Chattanooga
Georgia SORBA-Chattanooga  |  DNR
Hawaii Na Ala Hele
Idaho Official Vacation Guide  |  PARD
Illinois (forum and access to regional sites)  |  DNR
Indiana HMBA  |  Googlemap  |  DNR
Iowa Iowa by Trail  |  BikeIowa
Kansas Kansas Cyclist  |  Earthriders  |  KSS  |  KDWP  |  Googlemap
Kentucky SORBA-Chattanooga  |  State Parks
Louisiana LOCO (north)
Maine NEMBA  |  Bikekinetix  |  DOC
Maryland  MORE  |  Bikekinetix  |  DNR
Massachusetts NEMBA  |  Bikekinetix  |  DCR
Michigan MMBA
Minnesota MORC  |  DNR
Mississippi Division of Tourism Development
Missouri Earthriders  |  GORC  |  DNR
Montana State Parks
Nebraska THOR (east)  |  Game & Parks Commission
Nevada Nevada Travel & Tourism  |
New Hampshire NEMBA  |  Bikekinetix  |  NH Outdoors  |  DPR
New Jersey Bikekinetix  | (trail-specific forums)  |  DEP
New Mexico
Rim Rattlers (Las Cruces area)  |  CyclingTrek (Albuquerque area)
Socorro Fat Tire Cycling (central)  |  Googlemap (statewide)
New York WNYMBA (west)  |  NYCMTB  |  Bikekinetix  |  State Parks
North Carolina Sir Bikes-A-Lot (Wilmington)  | (west)  |  SORBA-Chattanooga
North Dakota  |  PARD
Ohio OMBA  |  Googlemap  |  DNR
Oklahoma OEF  |  Googlemap
Oregon PARD
Pennsylvania Mountain Bike Pennsylvania  |  Bikekinetix  |  Googlemap  |  DCNR
Rhode Island NEMBA  |  Bikekinetix
South Carolina SC Trails Program  |  SORBA-Chattanooga
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Tennessee SORBA-Chattanooga  |  tnMB  |  DEC
Utah Utah Travel  |
Vermont NEMBA  | Bikekinetix
Virginia EVMA (east)  |  CAMBC (Charlottesville)  |  MORE  |  SORBA-Chattanooga
Washington EMBA  |  SPRC
West Virginia
Wisconsin DNR
Wyoming Pine Dale Online! (western WY)
Canada trailpeak
Korea, Republic of MTBK-Adventure

Check out IMBA's List of Epic Rides, too!

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Last modified: 26 December 2011