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General Mountain Bike Websites

General mountain biking websites are all over the internet. These are the websites that attempt to cover all things mountain bike. *ahem* Few sites pull this off flawlessly, often covering particular aspects really well at the expense of others.

We have no intention of listing every single one of them (as if that were possible), but we try to include the more well-known and, most importantly, more useful sites out there.

Good - Well organized, clean, and covers virtually every angle of mountain biking and covers it well.

Bad - Very little, if anything. Ok, maybe all the advertising is distracting.

Bottom Line - This is perhaps the general mountain bike website. Enough said.

Bottom Line - Just like with their trail pages, dirtworld appears to have been abandoned by its owners. As a result, the listings are chock full of outdated information and not even worth the effort of clicking the above link.

Good - Offers a rather extensive forum that is actually active and a vast listing of products that you can review.

Bad - Trail listings aren't worth the time of sorting through the redundancy. Advertising overload.

Bottom Line -'s forums and product reviews are the primary benefits.

Good - Offers information on GPS use, reviews of all sorts, and even information on racing and training.

Bad - Forum is almost too general to be of any real use other than getting information outside of your home state. Advertisements can be annoying.

Bottom Line - Although few sites cover all bases well, comes pretty close.

Good - Provides an extensive list of phone numbers for various companies and a whole lot of links on the same page. Riding tips cover pretty much every surface you can think of and then some. Maintenance tips are a nice resource.

Bad - Layout has a lot to be desired and is therefore not so user-friendly.

Bottom Line - If they redesigned their website and made it more user-friendly, this could be one of the more useful general sites around.

Know of a website that does a notable job of covering mountain biking in general?
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