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Online Retailer Submission Form

The following form is used to submit an online retailer to be listed on our Online Retailers page. Please fill in as much information as possible.

Note: If you are not directly associated with the retailer (e.g., you are not the owner or an employee) you do not have to fill out this entire form. Simply fill out the contact information, retailer's name, and their website. Additionally, you may provide any comments about this retailer in the additional information box.


Please provide the following contact information:
Email address:  
Please provide the following association information:
Retailer name: Physical location:
Website (URL):
Graphic logo available? Yes    No
URL of logo:  
* if URL is not available, email graphic here    
Is a discount available if is mentioned?
Yes    No Discount:   if 'other' %
Affiliate program available?
Yes    No      
Please answer:
Why shop here?
Additional information:

Note: Submission of content constitutes your consent to be listed on our Credits page unless you request to not be listed.

If you do not receive a response/confirmation within 48 hours, contact the webmaster below.

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Last updated: 25 July 2011