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  select tools you need for a home garage

original post by Jay

All the "kits" are terrible for most people. You can spend a ton of money on a kit and end up with 50% garbage. In other words, what do you need a 1980's style lockring spanner for?

Get the tools that you need for your bike. BB tools and crank tools have probably been some of the fastest changing and most likely to go obsolete tools for the home user--and even those with the outboard stuff will find that obsolete with the advent of press in bearings that Shimano is already shipping (Pivot bikes uses these) and the BB30 initiative that is going on right now.

Get a work stand first and get the tool tray for whatever you buy. This is going to dramatically increase your ability to work on your bike.

I'd suggest anyone that owns a geared bike get:

For every other bike including geared:

After that, consider:

And for the most advanced guys:

There are also specialty things that may or may not apply such as hub servicing tools, disc brake tools, SS specific stuff, etc... Get what you need on that as well and probably early on.

I wouldn't worry about how much you need to spend... Just spend it as you need to do a particular job. Buy the stand first. Consider dropping about $100-$250 on anything from good to shop quality. Get the nicest stand you can afford from the get go. It'll be worth it. From there, work on what needs to be worked on and acquire the tools as needed.

Park makes great stuff as well as Pedro's... I think Performance Bikes has their own brand that may not be so bad. Park's warranty is lifetime and the "Snap-On" of bike tools.

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