Top 15: Most Climbing

Are you the type that likes to drop those gears and dig in, pushing to reach that next crest in anticipation of the downhill you should be rewarded with? Well, the follow 15 trails might not reward you with the downhill you were expecting, but they will take care of the climbing aspect.

Trails listed here either feature a few sustained climbs or several smaller climbs, or a combination of the two. Either way, you like to climb or need to work on it, check these trails out:

  1. Cameron Park, WacoGovernment Canyon State Natural Area, San Antonio

  2. Bar-H Ranch (The Breaks), Saint Jo (Closed at this time)

  3. Marion Sansom Park, Fort Worth

  4. Big Cedar Wilderness Trails, Dallas

  5. Cleburne State Park, Cleburne

  6. Government Canyon State Natural Area (Back Country), San Antonio

  7. Flat Rock Ranch, Comfort

  8. Camp Eagle, RockspringsFranklin Mountains State Park, El Paso

  9. Franklin Mountains State Park (Tom Mays Unit), El Paso

  10. Hill Country State Natural Area, Bandera

  11. Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville

  12. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose

  13. Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA), Killeen

  14. Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba

  15. Tapatio Springs, Boerne

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Last modified: 5 May 2013