Rocky Hill Ranch
 Smithville, TX

RHR logoRocky Hill Awesomeness is the SWEETEST trail in the Mountain Biking world. I don't care where you have to ride this trail and you will like it. If you don't totally dig it, you DO NOT deserve to come back, EVER! In fact, you shouldn't be allowed to mountain bike anymore
if you don't love this trail the first time you ride it. So, bow to the Greatness that is Rocky Hill!!
 ~ anonymous

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~25 miles


singletrack; doubletrack


Rocky Hill Ranch official map

$10 per adult/day use

Avenue of the Pines | Black Trac | Bottle-n-Front-o-Me | Coyote Run
Drop Zone | East Fenceline | Easy Pickens | Easy Up
Fat Chuck's Demise | Fofenique | Frontal Lobotomy | Grey's Hiway
Grey's Way | Hard Boil | Ike's Peak | Karaway | Leapin' Lizards
Longhorn Loop | Lumberjack | Miracle Mile | Mini-Me | Omar's Howl
Off the Lip | Pine Pin | South Fenceline | Tris Cross
Tunnel o' the Pines | West Fenceline | Y Knot?

• Showers
• Camping (ice & firewood available)
• RV hookups

Rocky Hill Ranch website

(512) 237-3112 - saloon & camping info


RHR offers plenty of parking Looking down at part of Fat Chuck's Demise Another victim of Fat Chuck Rest in Peace RHR offers some of the smoothest singletrack
Trails can be difficult to follow in spots during the late fall/winter months RHR provides ample opportunities to gain speed Off the Lip (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl) Coming up a section of singletrack (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl) Descending along some of RHR's finest (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl)
 (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Who needs brakes? (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Watch those handlebars! (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Features like this keep the trail rideable (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Apparently, some prefer to stay off the "ladder&guot; (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Another feature built to retard erosion (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Nothing like rippin' into the woods (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Sometimes catchin' air isn't always wise (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) An improved addition to RHR (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)  (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Probably not the ideal time to shift to the big ring (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
You don't have to be in East Texas to ride among tall pines (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)  (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Yes, turning here is a must do (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A nice thought would be going downhill (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)

Rocky Hill Ranch
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   If you are looking for one of Texas’ best mountain bike trails, look no further. RHR provides you with steep climbs, tight, fast singletrack and even faster downhills.
  From the start, RHR will let you know just how good of a climber you are (or aren’t) thanks to the multiple steep climbs of Fat Chuck’s Demise. If you don’t make it, don’t feel bad – just lie down next to Chuck’s headstone and admit defeat. For those wishing to avoid such craziness, there is a partial bypass known as Gray’s Way. Karaway follows, but isn’t anything to write home about; on the other hand, it does lead to Off the Lip, a parade of whoop-dee-do’s that wind in and out of a dry creek bed. If the Lip doesn’t put a huge smile on your face then you need to go faster or find another hobby.
  After the Lip, you hit the service road for a very short stretch until you reach Water Station 2 and on to Longhorn Loop. Longhorn Loop is followed by Tris Cross and both are nice stretches of singletrack on your way to Omar’s Howl. The only catch with Omar’s Howl is that if there is water at the bridge either splash on in or carry your bike across the not-so-complete bridge (hopefully it’s fixed by my next ride). Right before Water Station 3 you have a choice, hit the service road back to the start or finish the rest of RHR. If you choose the latter, make sure you hit Y Knot? as it has the same effect as Off the Lip. Guaranteed!
  Towards the end is Black Trac, described as the grand finale of RHR, and rightfully so. Imagine the best of RHR all at once. Right before you think it’s all over you come to The Wall – think whoop-dee-do on crack. Between the multiple water stations, the optional 6, 9, 10, and 12 mile bailouts, and once upon a time a saloon, Rocky Hill has you covered. Like I said, RHR is one of Texas’ best trails…perhaps THE best. You name it, it has it – and what it has is oh so sweet.
~ 2008)


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Last modified: 7 January 2012