Hill Country State Natural Area
 Bandera, TX

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32 miles


singletrack; doubletrack; jeep roads

mostly loops


$6 per person 13 and older/day use (annual pass available for $70)

Bandera Creek | Bar-O Pasture (Blackjack, Creek Bottom, Prairie Loop)
Cougar Canyon (Boyles, Cougar Canyon Overlook) | Hermit's Trace (Good Luck, Side Track) | Hightower (Chaquita Falls, Comanche Bluff Overlook) | Pasture Loop (Cedar, Chalpa, Eagle)
Spring Branch (Spring Run) | Twin Peaks (Cougar Rock, Saddleback, West Peak)  |  Wilderness (Ice Cream Hill, Wilderness Cut)

• Various equestrian accommodations
• Various camping options
• Restroom
• Bike/horse wash station
• Designated swimming areas

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(830) 796-4413

The creek bottoms and rocky hills of the Hill Country State Natural Area offer an awesome array of challenges for cyclists, with some rough going and lung-pumping climbs. ~TPWD

Beautiful scenery at Hill Country SNA Coming up Wilderness Trail More scenery of the Hill Country (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) Loose rocks aren't exactly rare here (photo courtesy of lu2mbking)
Winding around the cedars (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) It's safe to assume there is a nice view to the left (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) A good spot to stop for a break (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) There are plenty of trail markers and views at HCSNA (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) It's multi-use, so watch your "step" (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP)
Attempts to control erosion is key in many sections (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP) A long stretch of wide singletrack (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP) One of many ledges or steps (depending on your direction) (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP) Watch the countless fist-sized rocks on the trail (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP) A rocky section (imagine that) along Trail 5b (photo courtesy of R. Buckley, NTMBP)


  Get your pass and map at the HQs and park at the Trailhead Equestrian Camp Area. From there even beginners won't have much problem on Wilderness Trail (1), but as you get closer to Ice Cream Hill leave it to those with more experience as the terrain gets a bit more rocky and loose. Many spots on Spring Branch & Spring Run (6 & 6a) will require you to carry your bike, but that's part of MTBin'. The multiple low water crossings are fun and the trails over-all are a nice challenge for all levels.


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Last modified: 28 November 2011