Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area
 Killeen, TX

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8.5 miles



loop (clockwise)


$3 per adult/day use

Apache Run | Autobahn | Chute & Ladders | Clean Up on Isle 3
Devil's Backbone | Final Cut | Gaper Gulch | Got Oxygen?
Lizard Lounge | Longbow Lane | Medevac Mountain | Minefield
Ming Trail | North Nolan Trail | Off the Back | Sidewinder
Sleepy Hollow | Slingshot | Sparta Mountain Ascent | Sparta Valley
Ridge Trail | Speedway | The Snake | Tumbler | Warbler Trail

• Picnic area
• Showers

Fort Hood MWR website

(254) 287-2523/8303


Entrance to the trail Make sure you read the rules Nearly the entire trail at BLORA is covered in rocks, so it's not an easy trail to ride. This section is as easy at it gets (photo courtesy of Mike Strawn) Overlooking Belton Lake through the trees Ah, singletrack
With all the loose rocks high speed turns like this one can be dangerous, but that's what makes it so much fun (photo courtesy of Mike Strawn) Overlooking Belton Lake Looking up Devil's Backbone


  At BLORA, the only trail worth riding is the Intermediate. The Novice is nothing more than a cross between doubletrack and a dirt road and the advanced isn't really a trail, but a few outshoots of the Intermediate. The "Minefield" is exactly that, lined with rocks just big enough to make for a bad day if you aren't careful and what "Clean Up On Isle 3" lacks in rocks it makes up with in tight turns that demand your focus. When you get to "Medevac Mountain" be ready for BLORA's greatest asset and make sure you have a clue when it comes to fast descents, because that's what's coming.
  When you come to I.D. marker "K" you have the choice of taking either "Autobahn" or "Chutes and Ladders"-go for "chutes and Ladders"; "Autobahn" is more like a school zone at 3 p.m. BLORA does provide a few areas of wide-open singletrack that will allow you to get some speed, but it's not enough to excuse the let down that follows the ridiculous climbs of "Devil's Backbone" and "Sparta Mountain Ascent."
  After climbing the near impossible, you are at the end of the trail. Personally, I was expecting a sweet descent or at least some fast singletrack to wrap things up, not a sudden return to the horse dropping factory that is the picnic area. Speaking of which, the entire trail system is essentially a random minefield of horse droppings, so watch out.
~ 2007)


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Last modified: 5 January 2016