Camp Eagle
 Rocksprings, TX

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18 miles


singletrack; jeep trail


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North Loop: Boot | Duck | Moon | Texas
South Loop: Armadillo | Fish | Longhorn | Wagon

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By the water's edge, things start to get rocky Need a break already? Swing from these rings and splash on in! There is some smooth singletrack long as you don't fall to the right Trails are clearly marked and switchbacks are the norm The singletrack never gets boring at Camp Eagle
Plenty of elevation to be gained, but the climbs are rarely straight up  Always a pleasure to view: singletrack snaking into the trees Welcome to Texas; please don't look down (to your right, that is) Solid rock on the left, an unhealthy tumble to the right, AND logs stacked up? You are forced to frequently make your way up the rocks, though it's usually more technical than this photo We told ya' it had a view
"If the ground is tacky and sticking to your tires, watch the rocks," says the voice of experience Pick your ledge, but don't try to head anyone off at the pass here A nicely reinforced whoop-dee-do (and sometimes a water crossing) Don't be too distracted by the view to your left Certainly don't be distracted by the view behind you! Armadillo puts you in the creek bed for a none-too-smooth ride Coincidentally, your bike fits quite nicely through here What cooler way is there to get to the other side? Afterwards, there is plenty of fun to be had at Camp Eagle A plateau with a view can be found at the top of Texas One of many scenic views can be enjoyed. This one is along Texas




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Last modified: 5 September 2010