Top 20: Most Beginner-Friendly

Beginner-Friendly trails are those trails that feature minimal elevation gain, significantly fewer technical areas than your average trail (if any at all), and are the first place you should think of when introducing someone to mountain biking. After-all, you want to get their feet wet, not dunk them head first.

So, if you have someone new to mountain biking or perhaps aren't quite ready for more technical challenges, hit up some of these viewer selected trails:

  1. Sam Houston National Forest (Double Lake Recreation Area), Coldspring

  2. Collins Park, Spring

  3. Government Canyon State Natural Area (Front Country), San AntonioCollins Park, Spring

  4. LB Houston Park, Dallas

  5. River Legacy Park, Arlington

  6. Gateway Park, Fort Worth

  7. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Plano

  8. Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill

  9. Erwin Park, McKinney

  10. Faulkner Park, Tyler

  11. Hunstville State Park, Huntsville

  12. Kit McConnico Park, LufkinKit McConnico Park, Lufkin

  13. Lake Fannin Wilderness Park, Telephone

  14. Lake Waco Trails, Woodway

  15. Rowlett Creek Preserve, Rowlett

  16. Tyler State Park, Tyler

  17. East End Park, Kingswood

  18. Dry Comal Nature Trail, New Braunfels

  19. McAllister Park, San Antonio

  20. Sugar Land Memorial Park, Sugar Land

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Last modified: 11 December 2011