East End Park
 Kingwood, TX

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4 miles of developed trails; 2 miles of natural trails


crushed granite path; singletrack


KSA Trail map


Eagle Point Loop | North Loop | Otter Point | Overlook Loop
South Loop

• Benches along the trail and the river

East End Park website

(281) 358-5192

• Park is closed at night

Welcome to the East End Park East End Park trailhead and kiosk, complete with trail map A section of the natural trails Even on a simple trail like this, you should always wear a helmet A section of developed trail along the South Loop
The section of boardwalk seems to go on forever Looking to stop and relax? Look no further A flowing section of the developed trail along Alligator Alley A singletrack section of natural trail "You are here" maps are found at various points along the trails Need a little help as to which way to go? No problem 


  East End Park is a quaint little park if you live in the area of Kingwood or nearby. Not truly a mountain bike trail, it does provide an unpaved, relaxing ride if you are introducing someone to riding off of the road/paved path or just looking for a pleasant after work network of trails.
  Most of the trail consists of crushed granite so the challenge is minimal. On the map these trails are labeled as improved trails. The natural paths indicated on the map are more like worn paths through open fields and not to be considered the park’s highlight. What could be considered the park’s highlight would be the numerous, and sometimes long, board walks. Apparently many areas of the park are prone to flooding, but sustainability was definitely in the plans when this park was designed.
  The Park features many convenient features. Among these are:
• Maps placed along the trail at various points indicating just where you are at,
• Signs here and there that point you towards different loops and overlooks, and
• Benches throughout (especially along the banks of Lake Houston)
~ 2010)


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Last modified: 27 April 2010