Sam Houston National Forest
 (Double Lake Recreation Area)
 Coldspring, TX

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18 miles



stacked loops; network

USDA National Forest Service
Original Loop ONLY:  GHORBA  |  GPS/Google (.kml)  |  .gpx file

$6 (day use only)

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• Family camping units
• Group camping
• Picnic units with tables and fireplaces
• Picnic shelter
• Swimming area and beach
• Concession stand with bathhouse (groceries, ice, and other items)
• Canoes and paddleboats can be rented at the concession stand
• Fishing is permitted under applicable state laws

USDA Forest Service website

(936) 344-6205 or (936) 653-8699


Welcome to the Sam Houston Nat'l Forest's Double Lake Recreation Area Head down here and you will see the trail dip in to your left One of several wood bridges along the trail (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Double Lake has you constantly turning The trail may not line up in front of you but the arrows tell you where to pick it back up
Double Lake is a fast trail and the straights let you prove it One of many well-shaded straight-aways Use of wood bridges help make this trail rideable quickly after a rain (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Another of many bridges A slightly winding section built for speed (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Another flowing section built for speed Sudden, sharp turns are all clearly marked You can hop this or roll it, just watch that big ring A slight descent towards two wood bridges Speaking of the big ring... A common scene are turns like this
Well, whoop-dee-doo You can't really tell, but double jumps sit along this stretch Turning and winding, that's Double Lake 


Review covers original loop only
 Built exclusively for mountain biking, Double Lake’s loop is very well designed. Fast, flowing, winding; all suitable descriptors for this Sam Houston National Forest singletrack. Yes, the entire length of the trail is true singletrack (minus the initial 20 yards from the trailhead). Well-maintained singletrack at that, thanks to the Greater Houston Off-Road Mountain Bike Association (GHORBA) and its volunteers.
  The faster you ride, the more exciting Double Lake can be as you sweep in an out of the turns, brushing against the trees as you strive to maintain your speed. The occasional logs you come across serve as attempted speed bumps perhaps, but you’ll have the speed to easily hop or roll over them. Trust me. Double Lake is, after-all, built for speed. The trail has you constantly winding through the trees as fast as your crank will turn and your confidence allows. Oh, and don’t worry about sharp turns and such, all of these are clearly marked as you approach. With the wind in your face and only hints of the sun above (you are in a national forest, after-all) it’s sure to be a sweet, cool ride.
  Due in part to its lack of elevation and technical level, Double Lake is sometimes mistakenly referred to as boring. Although it certainly does not provide significant elevation change or the technical challenges found elsewhere in Texas, it is very well suited for speed, sometimes making it easy to do so, and like previously noted, flows really, really well. So, if you find this loop to be none too exciting, pedal faster. It’s as simple as that.
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Last modified: 31 August 2015