McAllister Park
 San Antonio, TX

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6+ miles


singletrack; doubletrack; paved

single loop with two routes; numerous rogue trails

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Down and around The one mile marker on the red trail Is anything sweeter than smooth singletrack? The rogue trails offer a few obstacles for your riding pleasure Even after the trail is dry to ride, there can still be puddles
Uphill, u-turn, downhill A view looking down on some of the dirt jumps at McAllister A flat, smooth section in the sun You'll find some long straightaways out in the open Looking down the trail at The Vista with the airport in the distance
Watch out for the wildlife at McAllister

McAllister Park

  Enter off of Jones Maltsberger. You will pass where the trailhead intersects the road before you reach the parking lot on your left. Head back up to the intersection and turn left on the trail. After a short ride you will have to take a small section of paved trail to jump back on the singletrack. Once you are back on the trail it will split; red to the left, blue to the right (on the map, red and green respectively). Either choice works since they come back together right before crossing Buckhorn Rd.
  The blue (green) trail takes you past a gate along a stretch of doubletrack that sends you to a nice little downhill and into the woods for a little singletrack action.
  The red trail is pretty much pure singletrack and brings you passed a spot that you can drop down and hit a few jumps if that's your thing.
  Once you cross Buckhorn it is especially important that you stay on the trail, otherwise you might be off the trail fixing a flat. Officially, McAllister has 9 miles of mapped trails; however, you will find numerous offshoots that leave the total amount of trails to be anyone's guess (some say 20+ miles total). For example, between the 3 and 4 mile marker you will see a nice little double whoop-dee-do off on a trail that branches to the left. I can't say where that trail leads, but I can say that the double whoop-dee-do is a trip.
 McAllister isn't exactly the most technical in the area if you stick to the mapped loop, so it's a great place to get someone hooked on riding. The countless rogue trails, on the other hand, are sure to satisfy your taste for technical; namely in the form of rocky, technical sections, moderate to large drops, tight twisting turns, and moderate to large jumps.
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