Top 5: Most Man-Made Features
 (excluding ordinary bridges)

When the natural flow of the terrain doesn't lend itself to fun-filled mountain biking, sometimes it's necessary to help Mother Nature out and incorporate a few man-made features to either keep the flow going or to add a little excitement to the ride.

Almost everyone enjoys a well placed technical trail feature (TTF), and if done right, makes the ride even more memorable. Don't believe us? Hit up one of the trails listed below to experience this for yourself:Wee-Chi-Tah Trail, Wichita Falls

  1. Jack Brooks Park, Hitchcock

  2. Big Cedar Wilderness Trails, Dallas

  3. Wee-Chi-Tah Trail, Wichita Falls

  4. Sugar Land Memorial Park, Sugar Land

  5. SFA Recreational Trails, Nacogdoches

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Last modified: 10 December 2011