Wee-Chi-Tah Trail
 Wichita Falls, TX

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12 miles




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Texama Cycling Center is directly across from the trailhead

  Take the best that every other Texas trail has to offer, throw a little bit of each into one trail system and you’ll end up with the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail. This trail offers everything that makes singletrack fun; narrow, winding, flowing, well-packed, tight sections that require grace to squeeze through, to sweeping sections that allow some nice speed before approaching the next tight switchback or technical feature. You’ll find yourself weaving up and down embankments, even wall riding at one point. You have a thing for whoop-de-doos? No problem. Switchbacks bring a smile to your face? You’re well-covered. Quick ups and quicker, steeper downs? You’ll find plenty. Roots? Log crossings? Sandy sections? Drops? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. You’ll even be crossing a suspension bridge! So what does Wee-Chi-Tah trail lack? Long downhills. But that’s ok; it just means that you won’t find any long climbs, either.
  Kudos goes out to those responsible for designing this trail system. The use of available land has been maximized, while the sections requiring two-way traffic minimized. Frequently you will pass by sections you have already been on or will be eventually. Not only that but the use of features, both natural and man-made, have been well thought out. For example, at one point the trail switches back and then runs you through an old, rusted “shed” which gives the forgotten structure a new purpose in life. In other sections you’ll find yourself riding between trees that split naturally or over a downed tree that was incorporated into the trail in lieu of being removed. So, what about trail maintenance? Rest assured, these trails are well maintained and are continuing to be developed, as was evident by the recently trimmed vegetation around the former Don’s Bowl and the ongoing construction of Highway to Heaven (see photos).
  You’ll find the trails very well marked, so rare is an intersection that leaves you wondering which way to go. There is one vaguely marked 4-way intersection early on that immediately appears after a quick ascent (see photo). Go straight, enjoy the tight, twisting singletrack and you’ll come right back to the same intersection so that you can go straight again and enjoy the rest of the trail. As a matter-of-fact, if an orange ribbon is on your right, you are going the right direction (though these may only be around for the upcoming Hotter-n-Hell). Even when the trail leads to an RV parking area there are arrows painted on the asphalt. As long as you still see an arrow painted on the ground, you are heading in the right direction.
  Numerous unique features are named in a manner that often indicates what lies ahead, such as Holy Chutes, while others are named simply for fun. Although the trail is rated a 3, practically every technical section that is rated black diamond or double black diamond offers a detour for those not so skilled or willing to accept the challenge, bringing it down to a 2. In other words, the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail caters to riders of all levels and abilities.
  If you conclude one thing from this review it should be this: You want to ride this trail!
~ 2009)

Yes, this is the trailhead. Just follow the fenceline After riding the fenceline, the trail switches back here A very pleasant start to any ride These type of markers can be found throughout your ride A long stretch of singletrack out in the open
Go straight through this intersection and you will come out on the right Some real tight, winding singletrack for you to negotiate Coming out from under the overpass you are treated to this man-made waterfall In and out trails running side by side. Note the orange tape The double black diamond rating may be used somewhat loosely here
Looking back at Hotel Drop How many sections of trail can you count? A smooth, well-packed section of singletrack Holy Chutes is appropriately named and offers a detour Probably rated harder than it is, this section is fun nonetheless
Wee-Chi-Tah Trail even throws you out next to the highway When you end up here, just follow the painted arrows Who needs a 4-way intersection when you can have an overpass? Hard-packed, smooth, and well-marked - that's Wee-Chi-Tah Trail The x3 does not mean 6 black diamonds
A well-designed descent that will last a long time Can't you see yourself flying along this section? Thanks to a storm, you might want to circumvent the bridge Didn't we mention Jordan's Bridge? Reinforced or elevated = very well-designed
Recycling at its finest Splitting the tree thanks to some well-laid assistance Hit this spot fast and ride the wall high If your brakes are bad you will get wet Highway to Heaven, Wee-Chi-Tah's newest addition
Highway to Heaven will be an excellent addition when complete Yep, follow the arrows doooowwwwwwn 



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Last modified: 8 June 2016