Mountainbikepark PfälzerwaldPalatinate Forest Route 2
(Mountainbikepark Pfälzerwald)
 Waldfischbach-Burgalben, Germany

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Note: Directions are to the Johanniskreuz trailhead

29 miles


singletrack; doubletrack; forest road; paved

figure 8

Route 2 map  |  Mountainbikepark Pfälzerwald brochure



• Numerous along entire route (e.g., cafes, hotels, etc.)

Offical website  |  Mountainbikepark Pfälzerwald brochure

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A smooth section of singletrack leaving Johanniskreuz The doubletrack is just as inviting as the singletrack Even on a rainy day the trails are a pleasure to ride The forest roads even offer a relaxing ride through the tall forest trees This technical descent awaits you right before the RV park southeast of Trippstadt Follow the doubletrack along the forest as you pass by the RV park
Be sure to yield to other, even the really small, trail users Doubletrack leading back into the dense forest Tall pines to the left, German houses off to the right...this ain't Texas The trails are well marked and the markers indicate the difficulty of the upcoming section Many open areas offer beautiful views (if the camera was angled to the right, that is) A small bridge leading to roadside singletrack An opening in the guardrail up ahead is where you will cross the road
A nice spot for a break before crossing the road and up the forest road Might not be singletrack, but how can you pass up these surroundings? The mist adds to the ambiance of this doubletrack Maybe the slugs thought they had more privacy than they did Could it be any more ideal than this? A steady uphill that seems to disappear into the mist ahead Remember this spot...what follows are a serious of fast descents
Yes, there is elevation change. Why do you ask? One of the more difficult acents thanks to all the small rocks and erosion Elevation is increasing, but look at this; do you care that you are going up? A stretch of paved trail leading to Johanniskreuz Trail map along the paved sections leading to Johanniskreuz (not the mtb trail map)



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Last modified: 7 January 2012