South Shore Park on Lake Bastrop
 Bastrop, TX

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5 miles (one way) - North/South Trailway only
(up to 20 miles - see Comments)


wide path (85%); doubletrack/singletrack (15%)

out and back w/ loops

Park map  |  Trail map

$3 per person/day use (14 and older)

North/South Trailway  |  Fisherman's Trail  |  Swift Trail
Loblolly Trail/Loop  |  Gideon Loop  |  Heron Trail

• Restrooms
• Shower houses
• Cabins
• RV spaces
• Swimming area
• Group pavilions

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(512) 498-1922 or toll free (800) 776-5272, Ext. 1922

• The two parks at Lake Bastrop, North Shore Park and South Shore Park, are connected via a 5 mile one way trail.
• Other trails are available in the park, totaling an additional 9 miles.
• If you complete all trails you can easily get about a 20 mile ride in.

Welcome to South Shore Park on Lake Bastrop Fisherman's Trail and North/South Trailway trailhead at South Shore Park An early descent along the North/South Trailway The trails wind through the pines and other trees surrounding Lake Bastrop Being mostly wide path, it's perfect if you aren't too sure about letting your dog off the leash
A peek at Lake Bastrop from the trail A winding, leaf-covered section of trail A somewhat sandy climb along the North/South Trailway Some turns are sandy and covered with leaves - be careful One of the many bridges along the North/South Trailway
A long stretch of doubletrack Descending to another bridge A pine-covered path across another of the North/South Trailway's bridges The entrance to a seemingly dark, tunnel of trees One of the few times the trail ventures out in the open
Another opportunity to ride right next to Lake Bastrop Get used to these guys, they're everywhere...well, everywhere in the water One of the North/South Trailway's narrower sections of trail Cruisin' down the North/South Trailway A "narrow bridge" shortly after starting along Swift Trail
A nice hard-packed section along Loblolly Trail A slightly curvy section along Gideon Loop Pick a trail...then do the other one on the way out!
Looking out over Lake Bastrop from the Floating Bridge A scenic view of Lake Bastrop, shortly before reaching North Shore Park


  South Shore Park on Lake Bastrop is surprisingly a really enjoyable ride for having minimal singletrack. Consisting of two distinct trails (North/South Trailway, and a network of the other trails), South Shore Park is a great place to take a new rider in order to build their confidence on two wheels.
  The North/South Trailway can be started at either North Shore Park or South Shore Park, and is pretty much wide path the entire trip. Don’t let that discourage you from checking it out, however, as it offers fast downhills, loose climbs, countless bridges, and great views of Lake Bastrop. With that said, don’t underestimate the level of technicality that the North/South Trailway can present, especially with the addition of speed. Many of the climbs along the Trailway are moderately steep and none too short, so the new rider may find them more appealing on foot. On top of that, many of the climbs are rather loose, be it dirt or rock or a combination of the two. Enjoy taking your dog with you when you ride? South Shore Park is the place to go, whether you intend to keep ‘em on the leash or off. And with loops at either end, the transition to heading back the direction you came is effortless. Just note that at North Shore Park you have to cut across the parking lot to pick the trail back up.
  During the fall/winter months sections of the trail may find itself covered in leaves, or especially pine needles. Keep this in mind when taking that turn at speed. Considering there are sections of loose sand (you are lakeside, after-all) and loose rock, the foliage may cover these hazards so use caution.
  The south side of South Shore Park offers even more trail for your riding pleasure, frequently being a bit narrower than the North/South Trailway they are still mostly wide path, nonetheless. Although technically these trails consist of two out and back sections, they both feature a loop before heading back [see map] and can be ridden in succession. Personally, I think Loblolly should have been named Swift, but that’s just my opinion. You’ll see why. Again, keep in mind the fall foliage and sandy sections. Rocks aren’t so much of an issue on this end of the park, however.
  There is a still another trail to hit that is completely detached from any of the others (unless you ride along a foot path from the Swift Trail trailhead alongside the lake to where it intersects the Heron Trail) named Heron Trail (Note: it is named Louis Point Trail on the map). Heron Trail is mostly singletrack, if not simply not-so wide path. It’s short, but still a fun ride and minimally technical.
  With available camping, fishing, and other water activities, South Shore Park on Lake Bastrop is an ideal place for the family to enjoy the outdoors, especailly on two wheels.
~ 2008)


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