Sam Houston National Forest
 (Cagle & Kelly's Pond Recreation Areas)
 New Waverly, TX

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Cagle:          MapIt!
Kelly's Pond: MapIt!

Cagle:          41.75 miles
Kelly's Pond: 43.25 miles


wide path; doubletrack; singletrack


US Forest Service (Cagle)  |  US Forest Service (Kelly's Pond)

$5 per person per day (self pay stations at trailheads) or $25 for a Sam Houston National Forest Annual Multiple-Use Trail Pass.
Note: fee covers both areas


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(936) 344-6205
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• Camping is available

Welcome to Cagle Recreation Area (Cagle) Multi-use trailhead and parking area - pay at the kiosk (Cagle) One of several trailheads at the parking area (Cagle) The trails would be great if they weren't so loose (Cagle) Some of the more decent but wide singletrack (Cagle)
One of many bridges along the trail (Cagle) Moguls are not uncommon along the length of the trail system (Cagle) This was the worst section due to rutting and rain (Cagle) Welcome to Kelly Pond (Kelly's Pond) A very well packed section of wide singletrack (Kelly's Pond)
In many sections the sand is thick and difficult to both steer and pedal through (Kelly's Pond) Yet another stretch of loose sand and moguls (Kelly's Pond) The speed limit is 70mph, so make sure you look both ways (Kelly's Pond) If you enjoy roots, you are very much covered here (Kelly's Pond) 


  At approx 41.75 miles, Cagle offers a whole lot of trail for your riding pleasure, if your riding pleasures include loose sand, of course. The main parking area features three trailheads to choose from, so take a look at the map and decide which way you wish to go. Kelly’s Pond, on the other hand, offers 43.25 miles (including the newer trails in the northwest).
  Perhaps one of the first things you will notice is that the trail is really loose, and that is because these trails are more frequented and designed for dirt bikes. Unfortunately, this makes many sections quite difficult, if not unrideable. Ever run on the beach? Pedaling is even more difficult. Also, because of the dirt bikes, there are quite a few sections that are rutted. Ordinarily this might not be a big deal, but if it has rained in the last 2 weeks, expect to get a little muddy or find yourself walking a bit. The good thing is that many of the sections are wide enough that even with the ruts and puddles you can safely ride around them without widening the trail any more than it already is. Kelly’s pond isn’t much different than Cagle; however, in the few miles I rode, it seemed a little sandier, but less rutted and more closely resembling singletrack.
  Naturally, nearby Double Lake Recreation Area should be your first choice for trails designed specifically for mountain biking, but if you are looking for something that’s a lot more challenging and offers many, many more miles, consider Cagle and/or Kelly’s Pond.
  Lastly, please be aware that both area's trails are bi-directional, and the dirt bikes aren’t looking for you. Nor are the cars doing 70mph when the trail crosses the highway. Be careful.
~ 2010)


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Last modified: 28 April 2010