Dana Peak Park
 Harker Heights, TX

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11 miles


singletrack; doubletrack


Central TX Trails Extravaganza 2002 map


Camel Back Trail | Cedar Cemetery Trail | Lagoon Loop
Fence Line Trail | Fire Lane Trail | Shoreline Trail | Shotgun Trail
Sidewinder Trail | Twin Peaks Trail

• Restrooms w/ showers
• Playground
• Various camping options
• Boat ramp
• Dump station
• Fishing dock

(254) 698-4282

• Hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
• Trails south of Dana Peak are off-limits to riders. Watch for signs.

Donut rock at Twin Peaks (photo courtesy of tnkntx) Shoreline trail in Spring (photo courtesy of tnkntx) Fun little jump to get you started right! (photo courtesy of tnkntx) "Warmup loop" bridge (photo courtesy of tnkntx) Main fire road, makes a nice long climb at the end if you're up for it! (photo courtesy of tnkntx)
Top of Twin Peaks trail (photo courtesy of tnkntx) Wooded trail section along Fenceline (photo courtesy of tnkntx) Trail section skirting the lake by boat ramp (photo courtesy of tnkntx) A view from the top of Twin Peaks (photo courtesy of Terry Cameron)


   This trail has multiple loops that evolve off of one main jeep road. The trails cover most of the North shore of Stillhouse Hollow Lake and have trails for all level of rider.
  Park at the main gate or take the park road in and park at the first right-hand curve. If at the main gate, ride the road in and hit the singletrack starting at the top of the first hill on the park road. If you start in the park, you will park at the main trailhead and begin there. Starting at the main gate gives you a mile or so of "warm up" singletrack. After that, you will be at the main trailhead. It is at the base of Dana Peak and the jeep trail goes from there. Loops generate off either side of the jeep road and as long as you can see Dana Peak you won't get lost. The more technical trails are furthest from the trailhead. You will see two peaks on your right about a mile in, twin peaks, and there is a loop going around these as well as various trails going up and over (these are the more technical trails).
  The main jeep road turns to singletrack and goes out to goat hill where more technical fun can be had. It's highly recommended to ride with someone familiar with DP as there are no markings and it's truly a maze.
  About 15 miles can be had with minor backtracking and awesome views of the lake and multiple deer sightings are guaranteed.
 ~ A. Zander


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Last modified: 12 May 2012