Walnut Creek Metro Park
 Austin, TX

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17.5 miles


singletrack; doubletrack


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BMX Loop | Endo Valley | Freeride | Freeway | Hill of Despair
Log Loops | Mark's Art | Point Six Loop | Powerline Hill
Severe Consequences | Ski Slope | Steven's Crossing
Tangle of Trails Loop | Tar Crossing | Windy Loop

• Barbeque Pits
• Basketball Courts
• Off-Leash Dog Area
• Picnic Shelter
• Picnic Tables
• Playground
• Reservable Facility
• Softball Fields
• Swimming Poolbr
• Volleyball Court

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Singletrack on a sunny day, of course he's smiling (photographer T.Willcott) No-one said the Nut was flat (photographer T.Willcott) A bit of uphill singletrack (photographer T.Willcott) A gradual ascent (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) The incredible work of Mother Nature (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Fast and flowing singletrack (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Banked turns because you just know you are going to be flying (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Who doesn't love a good whoop-dee-doo? (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Caution: water crossing ahead (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A closer view of that water crossing (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A well-deserved post-ride break (photographer T.Willcott)

Video courtesy of Woody C. Harrison

  After almost a week of no riding due to a broken pedal, I finally hit the trails at Walnut Creek with a friend. I have been hearing that it is one of the best trails in Austin and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) I was having so much fun that I didn't take a single photo!
  The trail was exactly my cup of tea - super fast and tight singletrack with a lot of switchbacks. A very nice jaunt through the woods especially one that tests your handling skills - some of those turns were really tough to navigate when traveling at high speed. I nearly hugged a couple of trees that jumped out in front of me! I was impressed by the 12+ miles of trails -a majority of which are shaded. There was definitely a little something for everyone - tight twisty singletrack, a few jumps, rooty climbs and drops, and of course creek crossings. Most of the trail was rideable, although I cautiously walked a few of the descents. The best part of all is the caliber of the trails and how wonderfully maintained they are. You can tell that a lot of TLC has gone into building and maintaining them. No fallen trees, no long or dipping branches slapping you in the face. It was also wonderful to ride with someone who knew the trail and loops really well. It definitely made the ride more enjoyable without constantly stopping to refer to a map or scratch our heads.
  We will definitely be riding this trail often.
~ mtblawgirl, edited for this site


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Last modified: 13 January 2012