Spring Lake Natural Area
 San Marcos, TX

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5.07 miles


singletrack; doubletrack; wide path


San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance (2012)


Blind Salamander Way  |  Blue Heron  |  Blue Stem  |  Buckeye  |  Exogyra
Grey Fox  |  Skink Link  |  Tonkawa  |  Centipede  |  Porcupine

• Porta-potties (Kiln Entrance)

San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance  |  Directions to Spring Lake Preserve

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• Select trails may be closed during part of the year due to golden-cheeked warblers moving into the area.

"Park at the Texas Rivers Center [Spring Lake Hall] parking lot and cross the street toward the groundskeepers house. Trail starts at the second kiosk on University property. Tonkawa Trail (ADA trail) is a crushed limestone leading to the top of the hill. Trail maps displayed in kiosks."
~ Lance Jones

If you are in this parking area, you're in the right spot (photo courtesy of Lance Jones) Kiosk with trail map near the trailhead (photo courtesy of Lance Jones) The actual trailhead can be found behind the maintenance buildings Tonkawa Trail is very beginner-friendly As far as mountain biking goes, this is the real trailhead Tonkawa to the left; Blind Salamander Way to the right. Save the latter for last. No question that anyone can ride/walk/skip Tonkawa Trail Trail intersections are marked clearly for the most part, so be weary of unmarked trails Blue Stem Trail is your first taste of singletrack if riding clockwise A nice stretch of singletrack (Blue Stem Trail) Pedal faster! The split to Centipede and Roadrunner Trails Slippery Falls along Roadrunner Trail - cross above or below Loose rocks and such can be found along Porcupine Trail Sunrise Lookout offers a pleasant view along Porcupine Trail It's the Hill Country, so expect to ride over around and through patches of limestone If you pass this on your left along Buckeye Trail be ready to shift gears A somewhat loose climb along Buckeye Trail; it's short but steep After a momentary stretch of level ground, the climb continues Take a break at the dock on Blue Heron Trail Exogyra Trail is a fair challenge for beginners, but not too bad Coming down Blind Salamander Way affords you the pleasure of two technical, rocky switchbacks The second of two back-to-back switchbacks




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Last modified: 3 September 2015