Reveille Peak Ranch
 Burnet, TX

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62 miles


singletrack; doubletrack; ranch road


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Upper Loop/Trail  |  Lower Loop/Trail

• Restrooms
• On-site bike repair shop
• Super D course (1.5 miles)
• Downhill course and skills park (.6 miles)
• Flow Track (1+ miles)
• Pump Track

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(512) 755-1177 or (512) 914-8479
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• Hours: Wed-Sun from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (calling ahead is highly recommended)

(photo courtesy of Terry Cameron) (photo courtesy of Terry Cameron) (photo courtesy of Terry Cameron) (photo courtesy of Terry Cameron)


   Reveille Peak Ranch has some of the best XC/Trail Mountain biking terrain in all of central Texas. With 50+ miles of single track and jeep trails its a wonderful mountain bikers paradise. It has flowing, high-speed cross country tracks (e.g., High Fence Line Trail and Race Loop) to downhill tracks (e.g.,the Super D) to freestyle/pumptracks (i.e., Flow Track).
  Most of the trail system is either packed soil, crushed granite or exposed granite shelving, which are all great. Soil is nice and tacky and granite has amazing grip. Flow Track is a one-way downhill flow track to practice your jumps, speed and in general, your flow and control on your bike. You can access the top again via the South Pole Jeep Trail so you can do it all over again. The Race Loop and High Fence Line Trail are both easy to find with similar difficulties, with the exception that the Race Loop has a few more obstacles. Trail system is excellently marked making it practically impossible to get on the wrong trail.
  Definitely worth the drive for the amazing trails.
~ Sean Kupec (March 2014)

   The trail system is comparable to Flat Rock [Ranch] in terms of technical challenge. The 9 mile lower loop is mostly intermediate, with some beginner sections. The upper loop is intermediate/advanced, mostly rock and more demanding both in technical level and in elevation change.
  The Super D should be scouted before bombing down it. It's all fun. The granite outcroppings are remiscent of Moab Slickrock and the views are outstanding.
  Ride it all. You'll get better and better every time.
 ~ Cynthia Weisinger (February 2011)

  The start [of the 8-mile race loop] is a jeep road that meanders up in to the some low hills for about the first mile; good climbing, not hard, but a good warmup for what lies ahead. [Eventually you hit some] smooth flowing singletrack for about 100 or more yards. You go up and over some small rock formations around some trees and another easy left back on to a jeep road.
  As you drop back into the trail it starts off with some short, easy climbs over mostly dirt with some rocks mixed in. The more you progress into the trail the tougher it gets. Some of the climbs out here are really technical. The trail designer didn't always take the easy way around and really used a lot of the natural rock formations to their advantage. You will be cranking up some steeper sections, glance about 50 yards ahead and see some very narrow passes through wedge like rock formations that I personally could not get through without hitting my cranks on the rock. I would say there are at least three or four really tough climbs. I was asking myself a time or two what was i doing out here, but as I crested the hill and saw the downhill laid out in front of me, I realized that all the oxygen I spent getting up was well worth the trip down. [ed.]
  There are bright orange hash marks to designate which way the trail should go and some man-made rock towers about 3-ft tall that you can aim for like pole gates on a slalom course. There are two creek crossings: one was completely dry and the other had a small trickle to it. There are a couple of sections where they actually used rocks from the surrounding terrain and built up the ground so you can go around a tree or hang on to the edge of rock ledge.
  The last mile of the course was a real treat. You're pedaling up a jeep road and you come to a tall fence; go through and drop in to the singletrack again. Every foot [of trail] in is another tic on the speedo. You roll through a few trees and then out in to a grassy section, [featuring] nice an easy left and rights so you don’t have to scrub off any speed. You climb up a small hill and back out on to the original jeep road. As you accelerate down the road, you see the earthen dam you'll have to go over, then return to the parking lot and pavilion. [ed.]
  The Super D course starts at the top of Reveille Peak and drops over 400 ft, from what I am told. Within the first couple hundred feet there is a small 2-ft hill with an 8-ft, 45 degree incline that you have to go down. After you go across a short slick rock section it opens a little and then there is about a 3-ft drop. It continues down through some rock garden type sections another 3-ft drop. They put in a nice smooth ramp about halfway down the Super D course and a lot of guys were catching some nice air on it. After the gap you drop into part of the normal singletrack loop and continue down through the trees over some more slickrock up and around more rock gardens and through the trees to the finish line for the Super D.
~ Wes Comeaux (February 2011)


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