Pedernales Falls State Park
 Johnson City, TX

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Note: Directions are to Wolf Mountain Trailhead

19.8 miles


singletrack; doubletrack; wide path

loop; figure 8


$5 per person 13 and older/day use (annual pass available for $70)

Wolf Mountain Trail  |  4-Mile Loop

• Restrooms with and without showers
• Picnic sites
• Hike-in primitive campsites
• Campsites with water and electricity
• Sponsored youth group area
• Trailer dump station

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(830) 868-7304


Trailhead at Wolf Mountain Trail Trails start off with some light double track (photo courtesy of In-Yo-Grill) The dirt trail shortly after heading down Wolf Mountain Trail Along the bluffs it can be difficult knowing which trail to take Rocky singletrack along the bluffs
The trails along the bluffs like to keep you on your toes Some of the trail runs inches from the bluffs, so be careful Looking forward to a short, rocky descent Smooth singletrack heading back towards Wolf Mountain Finally hit some single track (photo courtesy of In-Yo-Grill)
A short, interesting climb Here's where it gets interesting Kind of a skinny techy spot. May be ride-able but who wants to risk a scratch? (photo courtesy of In-Yo-Grill) Some smooth, root-filled singletrack A scenic view from the trail encircling Wolf Mountain
Trammel Crossing sign near the start of the 4-Mile Loop Trammel Crossing: flowing water, loose river rocks, then a sand-covered climb


  Pedernales Falls State Park offers two distinct trails: Wolf Mountain Trail and the 4-Mile Loop. (Trails have been expanded since this review)
  Wolf Mountain Trail: At the beginning you may start to wonder if this is the trail or just a dirt road. Relax; it is the trail, a smooth, dirt path about 10 ft wide that offers a minimal challenge to even the truest beginner, barring a climb or two. The trail comes to a split and you have the choice of hitting Wolf Mountain first, or on the way back. I decided to head first towards the primitive camping area. The biggest drawback to Wolf Mountain Trail is that the trail gets somewhat confusing around the primitive camping area. Not sure if this would be as much of an issue going counterclockwise from the start, though. A word of caution - some of the trails run quite close to the bluffs (read: drop off and be really hurt). Once you get past the bluffs and Tobacco Creek the trail starts to become more obvious. Jones Spring is an interesting little site, well marked and right off the trail. The single-track starts to make an appearance as soon as you pass the creek that flows towards Jones Spring. Plenty of negligible roots to cross and rocks, typical Hill Country fare. Only a few spots may make one have a taste of a tech level 3 trail here. Eventually the singletrack ends and the wide trail picks back up at the split that allows a choice as to which way to circumvent Wolf Mountain. The nice thing about it is that you can hit 25+/- mph as you head back to the parking lot.
  4-Mile Loop: Located on the backside of the not-so primitive camping area, the 4-Mile Loop is a figure 8 trail that allows you to experience crossing water, sand, loose river rocks, and of course doubletrack and a little singletrack. Once you hit the Trammel Crossing sign, be ready to get a little wet depending on the river level. The crossing itself isn’t so bad thanks to a concrete trail, but the far side is nothing but loose river rock following by a small climb of deep sand. Make that and you are greeted by a steep, yet smooth, climb that your legs will just love (remember, though, you get to go downhill when you are done). The trail will then split as you reach the figure 8 and it’s your choice as to which way to go. My advice? Whichever way you choose, ensure that you hit the far loop clockwise – unless you are really into long, steep, rocky climbs. Although nothing spectacular, the 4-Mile Loop does offer some quick doubletrack with minimal climbing involved. Easily a 2 rated trail once you get past Trammel Crossing.
~ 2008)


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Last modified: 3 June 2012