Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area
 Spicewood, TX

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7.5 miles



loop (clockwise)

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$5 per vehicle/day use
Note: Annual vehicle permit available for all LCRA recreation areas: Muleshoe Bend, Grelle Park, Turkey Bend, Gloster Bend and Plum Park for $50.


• Waterless toilets
• Picnic tables
• Camping is allowed but minimal facilities are provided
• Fire rings

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Welcome to Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area Muleshoe Bend starts out in a good way Rocky sections are not rare here Smooth flowing sections are just as abundant A little air is never a bad thing (photo courtesy of Buck)
Get the front up and the rear will follow Super fast singletrack descent (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl) Time to shift up a few gears A nice, easy turn through the trees (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl) Yep, there are log crossings A rocky ledge...not so bad (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl)
One well placed rock will make a mark Choosing the right line can be quite important With the right line this section is no problem Taking the turn with speed...sweet! (photo courtesy of mtblawgirl) The angle is what makes this drop a little tricky Some sections can get a bit tight Sometimes it’s all about finesse
Another of several rocky sections (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) This prickly pear will gladly slow your descent (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Pleasantly winding through the shade (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A slight elevation gain back into the trees (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) If this doesn't make you want to ride here, nothing will (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Rounds rocks can prove to be painful (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)


  Muleshoe LCRA Park is a 7.5 mile trail excursion through the Hill Country in lands bordering the north shore of Lake Travis, almost directly across from Lakeway. It is a joint operation of maintenance between the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) and The Austin Ridge Riders, the local Austin mountain bike organization, who have done a very good job on the trail.
  The area is a cedar covered park with camping facilities and lake access and plenty of ascents and descents along the 7.5 mile loop. There are rocky outcroppings, hairpin turns, river rock paths, gravel washes and compressed dirt and decomposing granite. A good trail for riding, not extremely crowded, but with the popularity of mountain biking increasing, it won't be long before the place gets a good crowd going.
  The area is popular with whitetail deer, squirrel, hognose snakes, bull snakes, rattlesnakes, various lizards and other fauna. A great place to hang out as well as this is a great trail to ride. The fee is $5 per car load at the Ranger station.
  Muleshoe LCRA Park is a good, challenging course. Good singletrack, varied elevations and trail surfaces and a couple of jeep trail crossings. Man, better have some good legs and a quick eye. Not recommended for beginning riders. Very fast sections, very technical areas and a couple of vertical stair steps along the trail. The trail stewards have added almost 3.5 miles to the primary loop which includes 4 side loops that are more challenging, but well worth the extra effort. From limestone ledges that you must traverse to some stair steps to navigate to off-camber rollers that will keep you looking ahead for the next big romp. All of the side loops exit and enter the main loop within a few yards of each other and add to an already great trail; however, be aware on the side loops. Since they are not as heavily trafficked, this is where you are most likely to see the only poisonous snake spotted on the trails. Just keep an eye out and let them get out of your way, do not attempt to kill or molest them. Since you're in their territory AND 'off the beaten path', err on the side of caution so you both can go on your way safely.
~ Deacon

  Fast, tight, twisty loop with a lot of short climbs. Shaded by cedar & mesquite trees. Lots of sand, rocks , limestone, and dirt. this is a great trail. Closest place I can compare it to is Rocky Hill Ranch. Not all of it is bad there are a few places the are smooth open coarse packed sand. and there are a few places that, unless you want a broken bone, you just have to walk. The only hills we had to walk were the ones with a lot of golf ball to baseball sized rocks.
  As bad as I make it sound there are some really fun 1 to 2 miles sections that have nice flow to them and you can pump you way through it with ease. There are a few trees that the trail goes through (literally). A lot of hairpin, uphill turns and some downhill.
  When you have had your fill of trails you can go down to the lake shore and take a dip in Lake Travis to cool off. Very fun trail to ride.
~ Wes Comeaux(June 2009)


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Last modified: 6 July 2010