Madrone Trail
 Canyon Lake, TX

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8.75 miles



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Through the trees at Madrone A tight, rocky descent towards Canyon Lake One of the many rocky ascents of Madrone Trail Madrone does offer some smooth trail here and there About to catch a little air A great view of Canyon Lake from this point The trip out balances on getting that front wheel up Navigating through a tight section of trees One of many rock gardens at Madrone A sweeping section of singletrack with a view
Another rocky section as you leave Canyon Lake behind You need speed, but remember to look both ways before crossing Don't think because you are near the end that it's all like this Control your speed or you might end up swimming to the marina Not all babyheads are cute, ya' know?

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  So, you like rock gardens, do ya’? Drops as big as 3’ or steps nearly as big make you want to clip in as you read this? Then Madrone Trail is the trail for you! If you despise rocks (small and big, very big) then stay away from here. With that said, know that this trail is not recommended for the sub-intermediate rider. From the very beginning, this trail gives you a taste of what you are in for, rocky climbs…there are ample opportunities throughout the nearly 9 miles of trail to hone your rock-riding skills, or check the trail out with your face. Once you make it through the twisting, switchback-laced ups and downs of the first two miles, you will cross the main road. Watch out; this road is actually traveled (think of this as the 2 mile bail-out; hang a left on the road and you are back to the parking lot).
  On the other side of the road you will find some very sweet singletrack that wishes it could be considered technical. For about a mile and a half you will be gliding along, twisting and turning. Don’t worry, the rock gardens will return (with a vengeance, mind you), before you eventually make it to the end. All of these glorious rock gardens, steps, drops, etc. are spaced between stretches of long straight-aways and/or twisting singletrack so as not to get too old too quickly. If you have been riding for more than a day then you know what rocks can bring – pinch flats (well, yes, blood and broken bones, too) – so bring a few tubes or go tubeless. The best part of Madrone? You are right on Canyon Lake! Take a dip afterwards or drive up the road a little ways and go tubing. What better way to cool down after such a fun and demanding ride?
~ 2008)

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Last modified: 6 July 2010