Kerrville-Schreiner Park
 Kerrville, TX

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6 miles


singletrack; wide path


City of Kerrville  |  TPWD

$4 per person 13 and older/day use, not to exceed $10 per vehicle
(annual pass available for $25)

Blue | Green | Orange | Red | Yellow

• Restrooms w/ hot showers
• Day use picnic sites
• 2 age-graded playgrounds
• Campsites w/ water nearby
• Various campsites w/ water, electrical hookups, sewer connections and/or shade shelters
• Mini-cabins w/ A/C and heat and a full-sized cabin w/ A/C and heat
• Trailer dump stations
• Group picnic areas
• Group dining hall
• Group recreation hall
• Amphitheater on the banks of the Guadalupe River
• Laundromat
• Boat ramp
• Lighted fishing pier

City of Kerrville website

(830) 257-7300 or (830) 257-5392


The Yellow Trail starts out quite smoothly A few little roots never hurt anyone The Yellow Trail gets a little more serious Heading away from Trailhead 3 offers a few little ascents along the Yellow Trail Over-all the trails are very easily navigated The smooth, but wide, singletrack of the Blue Trail Wide, rocky trail meets smooth singletrack More roots for your riding pleasure (note the effects of erosion) It's a climb or a downhill, depending on which way you get to the overlook
The view from the overlook Orange Trail singletrack Not sure who or what Snow Ball was, but she was buried right off the Green Trail A little more wide, but smooth, singletrack (photo courtesy of lu2mbking)
(photo courtesy of lu2mbking) (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) (photo courtesy of lu2mbking) (photo courtesy of lu2mbking)


  Once you get your pass/permit from the park headquarters cross Texas 173 and enter the park. You have the choice of 3 different trailheads, each with parking. Although the farthest in, Trailhead 3 may be the ideal place to start, but since Kerrville-Schreiner’s trails are all interconnected any of the 3 trailheads would work. All of the color coded trails are configured as loops, the exception being the Yellow Trail which is an out and back. Navigating amongst the trails of Kerrville-Schreiner is fairly easy with the aid of directional markers at most intersections. The only variation to this is found on the Red Trail, possibly making it a little confusing your first time around.
  Red Trail/Green Trail – Neither the Green nor the Red are rather difficult trails. As a matter-of-fact, according to the map, these trails are considered relatively easy. Labeling the better part of these two trails as singletrack may be stretching things a bit, as most is more like wide path, with patches of true singletrack thrown in. The Red Trail features a few rogue offshoots, a couple of which simply break from the main trail and return to it 10 or 20 ft further down, adding a little bit of variation or confusion (depending on your perspective).
 Orange Trail – Labeled as steep and difficult, the Orange Trail provides your one opportunity for real climbing. The climb is unavoidable if you wish to complete the loop, so I’d recommend that you do so in a clockwise direction. By heading this direction your descent from the Overlook will be faster and last longer as the trail remains straight long after the descent. If you choose to complete the loop counter-clockwise, your descent will be interrupted by a ‘T’ in the trail. The Orange Trail provides the greatest amount of real singletrack.
  Blue Trail – Half of the Blue Trail is made up of, as the map indicates, Old Road. With that said, there isn’t a whole lot to really say about the Blue Trail other than half of it is comprised of dirt road, the other half singletrack/wide path. It is a bit more difficult to ride than the Green or Red trails, but not overly difficult by any means.
  Yellow Trail – The Yellow Trail is unique from the other trails in that it is an out and back. I’d recommend starting from Trailhead 3 because, although you start out with a slight ascent along rocky ledges, your return trip to the trailhead results in a fast-paced ride with multiple drops along the way.
  Kerrville-Schreiner Park may not be the most difficult trail out there by any means, but it’s definitely worth the ride if you are in the area. The nice thing about this trail network is that it has a little something for riders of all riding abilities. It’s only weakness, however, is erosion, as a few sections of trail are highly eroded and have developed washouts as a result. Fortunately, however, this makes for some fun lines.
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Last modified: 4 January 2016