Salado Creek Greenway
 San Antonio, TX

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10 miles (roundtrip)


singletrack (85%); doubletrack (15%)

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Gates to Salado Creek Greenway One of the numerous decision-making points along Salado Creek's trails A fast section of singletrack heading towards the Blanco overpass One of many sections where the trail splits and comes back together Slightly off-camber and a nice drop off to the careful
A rocky creek crossing Another fast section of singletrack further down the trail One of the biggest climbs of Salado Creek Greenway. Hmm... Even when they aren't en masse, the rocks demand careful negotiation You might think this is the turn-around point, but press on and have fun!
Plenty of smooth, winding singletrack is hidden among the trees Everyone loves a see-saw! After the see-saw...right to more singletrack, left to head back When you come to this confusing spot, cross over to the trail you had rode going out


  The trail has great smooth, fast sections followed by babyheads and technical areas through the creek. When you get to the park, head down the paved path to after the bridge. There are two entrances to the trail; one right at the bridge to the right and another a little further to the right.
• Follow the trail down the creek to Huebner Road,
• Go under the bridge,
• After some doubletrack take a right,
• Follow the single track to the 1604 bridge,
• Take a left pass the bridge. lots of technical areas past the 1604 bridge.
  This is now my favorite trail in SA. I'm basically tired of McAllister Park and O.P. because all the lines are too smooth there. There's lots of twisty areas and little rock gardens where you have to carefully pick your lines.
  A true mountain biker's park. Not much of a cardio fest though.
~ Dina(Dec 2008)

  Salado Creek Greenway may not seem to be mentioned as much as the likes of McAllister or O.P. when it comes to riding in the San Antonio area, but it should be. Consisting of about 85% singletrack, and 15% doubletrack, it’s a trail that may not be suited for the beginner along all sections, but there are sections long enough to keep the beginner in their comfort zone.
  There are multiple points of entry (trailheads), but the one I prefer can be found directly across from the wood gate right before the parking lot. Starting here puts you on some decent singletrack that winds along between the road and the drop off down to the creek itself. Once you descend across the creek you’ll be heading back towards the Greenway. When you come to a split in the trail, head right as a left turn will take you up towards the paved trail.
  From the beginning until you reach the Huebner overpass you’ll find yourself winding through the trees and occasionally crossing the creek bed and the paved trail. Once you reach the Huebner overpass the trail will eventually switch to doubletrack, but the doubletrack is avoidable for the most part as you will notice frequent singletrack sections dipping back into the trees. I elected to ride the doubletrack all the way out and hit the singletrack on the return trip. As you are heading up the doubletrack you might find yourself at a seemingly unrideable section of exposed rock [see photo] – ride it or walk it, the singletrack that lies beyond is worth it! If you ride it to the end, simply turnaround and hit the singletrack that branches off to the right. Back in this area is the arguably the best singletrack Salado Creek has to offer. Winding and with a surface that your tires will enjoy, this side of Huebner seems to have minimal obstacles along the singletrack, so beginners might even be ok to ride it. Made up of multiple loops that seem to branch off of each other or the doubletrack, it’s easy to hit a loop more than once if you aren’t paying attention…but that’s not a bad thing. Hit the right loop and you might even had the opportunity to roll over the see-saw [see photo]. Once you have had enough fun there, you’ll cross back under Huebner and have the opportunity to hit some of the singletrack sections you didn’t ride on the way out. On that note, keep in mind that many of the trail splits end up coming back together, so you shouldn’t miss too much by always choosing the right path, for example…just choose the right path on the way back and you may hit it all! In other words, the necessity to doubleback is minimal.
  Although the singletrack beyond Huebner isn’t too, too technical (minus some of the tight turns), much of the doubletrack can be loose and, in some cases, feature some sketchy exposed rock sections. I would venture to say that the singletrack on the Greenway side of Huebner is probably the most technical with its creek crossings, occasional off-camber runs, rock gardens, and more. Ideally suited for the intermediate to advanced rider, if you have a beginner rider I’d recommend checking Salado Creek Greenway out a time or two beforehand to establish where they would be able to ride comfortably.
~ 2008)


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