O.P. Schnabel Park
 San Antonio, TX

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12+ miles


singletrack; doubletrack; paved


City of San Antonio



• Restrooms
• Basketball court
• Soccer and baseball/softball fields
• Playscape
• Pavilions

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Watch your pedals along sections of Sleeper Trail Creek bed crossing ahead Gotta' love smooth singletrack Put here for your banking pleasure The singletrack flows in and out of the trees along Sleeper Trail
How low can you go? (note: saddle is directly below branch) The roots and rocks will help keep you focused O.P. has some smooth trail along many stretches O.P. has some rooty trail along many sections, too Rocky singletrack along the fenceline outside of Bluff Loop If you choose to go past this sign, scoot back
Looking up at the backside of the previously shown sign Down along Leon Creek the trails are everywhere You will also come across some BMX jumps down in the creek area One of the outlying creekbeds featuring a well-traveled trail If you came up this trail take a break and rejoice
Down in the Leon Creek valley things can get a bit technical Getting out of the low areas isn't an easy task If you love challenging switchbacks you will want to find this spot Rock gardens abound at O.P.

O.P. Schnabel Park (     O.P. Schnabel Park

  I recently moved from the Dallas area to Boerne (outside San Antonio) and have been searching out good MTB trails for casual riding and formal training. I have made multiple MTB riding trips to Moab and Durango and consider myself an intermediate to advanced rider with solid climbing skills. As a frame of reference, my DFW riding experience includes regular rides at Irwin Park (McKinney), Arbor Hills (Plano), Northshore (Lake Grapevine), Joe Pool Lake, St. Jo, Rowlett Creek Preserve, etc.
  To date, my favorite San Antonio area trails have been Tapitio Springs (Boerne) and Flat Rock Ranch (Comfort). While both of these trails are physically demanding, O.P. Schnabel provides a great change of pace when you don't feel like busting out an intense ride. For the intermediate rider, its a great place to simply get some seat time on the bike and losing yourself in steep burst climbs, fun trail networks, and the ability to break off the ride when you've had enough and easily get to your car. For the beginner, you can avoid the killer short burst climbs by the dry creek shorelines and simply enjoy the pleasant riding through nicely maintained wooded trails that contain few dangerous tree roots or rock gardens. Perfect for the wife and kids, the wooded trails offer protection from the sun and are home to small groups of deer.
  I was pleasantly surprised that the various loops can be combined into a pleasant riding experience that does not become boring. While not as challenging as riding the Colorado Trail along the Continental Divide -- this is a very nice city park trail option for bikers of all skill levels and there's enough trail loops to alleviate bike traffic. This trail will suit most casual bikers just fine. For former DFW area riders, imagine the wooded trail network of Rowlett Creek, with the sometimes rugged areas and brief climbs of Northshore Grapevine.
  Not challenging enough? There's always those screaming rocky switchbacks at Tapatio Springs in 95 degree heat!
  ~ S. Patti


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Last modified: 7 January 2016