Monte Bella Bike Trails and Park
 Brownsville, TX

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6.2 miles




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City of Brownsville

(956) 548-2064 - Parks and Recreation


Please be sure to follow the park rules (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) We recommend bringing a sun shade on those sunny days (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) Coming up and out of the trees (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) There are even a few man-made features to keep you smiling (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) A quick section of singletrack (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr)
Dipping out of the sunlight (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) Who doesn't like a good whoop-dee-doo? (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) With enough speed maybe a little air? (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) A fast, wide stretch of singletrack (photo courtesy of Lupe Ruiz Jr) 


  As you would expect for a trail in the Rio Grande Valley, only 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, this trail is very flat. At 6.2 miles it makes for a very good beginner trail. The trail has several small climbs that might not offer a challenge to the experience rider but will definitely be a challenge to a beginner. Actually a couple of the hills are right after turns so they are unexpected and might even catch an experience rider off guard the first time they ride this trail.
  The trail has lots of twisty sections with tight turns. You'll need to make sure you don't get off the beaten path or you'll end up in large cacti. There are rabbits in the area which seem to breed, well like rabbits. I had several of them cross my path and even had to brake for one of them that shot out from nowhere. I have also seen several lizards and a cardinal out there as well. If you've ridden L.B. Houston in Dallas this would be considered a sister trail except without a teeter totter or log overs.
  The trail starts at the north end of the park property. It runs counter-clockwise. You'll need to be aware of trail runners and hikers on this trail.
  When you finish the perimeter loop the trail turns right up a small hill where there is a no trespassing sign. Ride past this sign onto the rest of the trail.
  ~ flaxman


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Last modified: 4 July 2010