George Mitchell Nature Preserve
 The Woodlands, TX

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~5 miles


singletrack; wide path


Spring Creek Greenway
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Trail Loop  |  Bike Trails  |  Mid-Loop Trail
Bedias Lake Trails  |  West Trail



• After a significant rain, wait at least 4 days before riding

Don't miss your turn to the trailhead and parking area The trailhead at George Mitchell Nature Preserve Sometimes the residents like to lay in the middle of the trail Signs will help keep you on track at most intersections The not-all-that-wide trail of Trail Loop Another of the Preserve's residents hoping the sun comes out
A well-shaded stretch of Trail Loop To ride over this obstacle or not, it's your choice One of the wider turns along the bike trail One of few straight sections you'll find on the bike trails Did we mention that the trees make things a little tight? A big root and a little logover keeps things fun
A winding section of singletrack that allows a little speed He's almost sort of cute...but not in the middle of the trail Watch that inside pedal on this left turn A slight root-laced those bars A nice reverse-S curve...get used to it
One of the more significant elevation shifts is this whoop-dee-doo A none-too-happy Copperhead...this is HIS trail Textbook the tree on the inside of the turn


  George Mitchell consists of two main trails: Trail Loop and the cleverly named, Bike Trails. There is also a Mid-Loop Trail that can garner you a little extra mileage, but is ideally suited for bailing early. Adequate signage will keep you on track of where you are and where you want to be, though.
  Trail Loop is a nice fast, beginner-friendly loop. Measuring about 1.6 miles, it makes for a good warm-up loop before hitting the actual mountain bike trail. There really isn’t anything remotely technical to it and it’s more of a wide path, but is suitable for getting that certain someone used to riding knobby tires. There are also several off-shoots, specifically Bedias Lake Trails and West Trail, that add a little extra mileage, but are more-or-less out and backs.
  The mountain bike trail itself is the big attraction at George Mitchell and consists of 3 miles of non-stop twisting and turning. Please note, however, that if you have a bad habit of catching your handlebars on nearby trees you might want to avoid George Mitchell. Then again, if you want to quickly break the habit by way of tough love, this trail will certainly convince you to do so. Non-stop winding singletrack, the straight-aways are few and far between, and those that do exist are short lived...but that’s the fun of Flintridge (as it often referred to). There are plenty of roots to aid in your appreciation of your bike’s suspension, while elevation changes are minimal, as with most every other trail in this region of Texas, but that certainly does not translate into a lack of fun by any means. Just watch your shoulders, your head and your handlebars and you will keep your smile for the entire ride.
  One important thing to note is that during the earlier hours you may want to keep an eye out for the wildlife that tends to chill out in the middle of the trail (Trail Loop, in particular) trying to get a little sun. In one trip around Trail Loop I came across a box turtle; a big, mean snapping turtle; and two Copperheads. If you come across any of George Mitchell Nature Preserve’s natural residents, just ride peacefully by and you should be fine.
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Last modified: 10 December 2011