Cypress Creek Hike and Bike Trail
 Spring, TX

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7 miles (total)


wide path (gravel); singletrack

out and back w/ loops




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Timber Lane Utility District


• Park in the lot provided and follow the crushed granite trail down the bayou and into the woods.
• Crushed granite trails are hike-and-bike; mountain bike trails branch off of the main trail.

Follow this pathway to the singletrack (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns) As you can see there's nothing too technical about this trail (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns) This tree was bent over by the hurricane (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns) An easy trail to go fast on (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns) An easy, yet slightly rolling stretch (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns)
Most of the bridges survived the hurricane, including this one (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns) Much of the trail runs along the swamp (photo courtesy of Mike Strawns)


  The first mile or so is straight gravel path. You go through maybe 100 yards of trees then out in the open along Spring Creek. Once you enter the woods again there is a trail off to the left. This is a good beginner trail since it doesn't have anything technical on it at all; however, when you get farther back on the trail you can see where some folks have tried to make harder trails leading up some hills.
  Eventually you will came to a fork in the trail. Go to the left and this takes you down into a ravine to the right and back up and out (if you go this way you are cutting over to the next trail down the path). Go to the right and the trail leads back to the gravel path. Take a left on the gravel path, over the small bridge and hang another left to get on to the second trail. This trail is a little tougher than the last one mostly because it has some deep spots of sand, and once you get to the end of this trail you hit the gravel path again.
  Take another left to go down the path a ways and there is small hill, just past the hill on the left is another trail that starts off heading down hill. There is a sharp right at the bottom, then over another bridge and back uphill. It's not too long.
  This is probably my favorite trail out here. It goes around a small swampy area and you can almost pump the bike all the way around it. Also, there are a few boardwalks that go through here to get you over the muck.
  Once at the end, you come out to a greenbelt. Follow the path and take your first right and up the hill. At the top is hairpin left and back down the other side. Go around the Cypress trees and you are back out to the gravel path again. If you go left it leads back to the greenbelt. Go right and you start heading back to the front of the trails. About 200 yards in you will see a trail on the right, this will lead you back to the beginning of the swamp trail or you can follow it all the way back out to the front or ride the first two trails backwards on your way out. I can ride all these trails in about 30 min and cover 5 miles. I ride them in a different order every time so it stays entertaining.
 ~ Wes Comeaux


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Last modified: 4 July 2010