Burroughs Park
 Tomball, TX

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8 miles


wide path; doubletrack; crushed granite

stacked loops

Harris County Precinct 4


Granite Trails  |  Primitive Trails

• Sports fields
• Seven-acre fishing lake
• Five playgrounds
• Picnic areas
• Observation deck and boardwalk
• Rest room facilities
• Award-winning barbecue pavilion that seats over 250 people

HCP4 website

(281) 353-4196 - Parks Reservation Office


Welcome to Burroughs Park Trail map located at the trailhead The crushed granite path is ideal for beginners or a leisurely ride The nature path seems to go on for a while This trail is one way of reaching the more mountian bike-suitable trails
One of the lesser-improved sections of trail Better trails await further down Still a wide path, this section of "primitive" trail leads to better things A short, but nice ride alongside Spring Creek This long stretch of doubletrack runs along the west side of the park Be sure to come down this trail, but make the sharp right or end up in the bayou
The pleasant, though wide, trail skirting the bayou


  Burroughs Park’s trails come in two forms: crushed granite trails (about ¾ mile) and "primitive" trails (the rest of the park's trail mileage)
  The biggest assets are the primitive trails which can be accessed off of the crushed granite trail or you can pick up the primitive trails behind the restrooms or pavilion. If you head down the crushed granite trail clockwise from the kiosk (which is the direction of travel, anyhow) you can cross the bridge then hang a right down the ranch road which provides a steady loss of elevation (translation: speed). Once you get to the end you will have a couple choices of which way to go. If you make a right you will eventually come out by the pavilion, though there are other trails you can pick up on the way. For instance, you can pick up one of the trails and ride along the banks of Spring Creek. Following this around will bring you to another option of pedaling back up a long stretch of doubletrack back to the parking area or picking up another of the primitive trails.
  Another method of reaching the primitive trails is to turn right on the granite trail right before the bridge. Shortly thereafter the trail splits, and you will want to take the left. This will bring you down a stepped descent (see photo) forcing you to make a sharp right (or end up in the bayou), then just follow the primitive trail. If you had taken a right at the split then you would have simply remained on the granite trail.
  If you stick to the granite trails then this is most certainly rated a 1 as far as technical level; however, the primitive trails bump it up to a 2. There are some sections along the primitive trails that may get sandy, but it’s nothing too significant to deal with.
  The map provided provides some guidance as to where the trails are; however, there are many other trails and doubletrack routes that are not indicated on the map. Though you may end up going in circles, simply paying attention to your surroundings as you ride should prevent this. When all else fails, head back up one of the doubletrack trails or ranch roads and return to the parking area. Oh, by the way, signs pointing you towards the parking area are located throughout the primitive trails.
  In a nutshell, Burroughs Park is a decent place to ride, but would be much better with some singletrack thrown in and a more updated/accurate trail map.
~ 2010)


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Last modified: 3 May 2010