Village Creek State Park
 Lumberton, TX

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8 miles




TPWD (park)  |  TPWD (trails)

$3 per person 13 and older/day use (annual pass available for $70)

Beechwood Trail  |  Bicycle/Fitness Trails  |  Tupelo Trail Spur
Tupelo Trail  |  Village Creek Trail  |  Village Slough Loop
Water Oak Trail  |  Yaupon Loop

• Campsites with water, electricity, fire rings, lantern posts, benches, and picnic tables
• Trailer dump station
• Walk-in tent campsites with tent area, fire rings, lantern posts, picnic tables and benches
• Picnic sites
• Group picnic pavilion (capacity 80) with electricity and water outlets, barbecue pit, and picnic tables
• ADA-accessible restrooms at the park headquarters
• 1 Large ADA-accessible restroom facility with showers
• Children's playground
• Sheltered water fountains
• 8 person cabin with a kitchen (a sink, a refrigerator and a range), a restroom, 2 sleeping areas (a loft and a bedroom); and a living room and dining room with furniture
• Canoe rental equipment and shuttle service are provided by local outfitters

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Welcome to Village Creek State Park - the warm-up trail (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) It may be short but it's fun! (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Duck that head - faceslapper here! (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) This trail has workout stations to get the blood pumping (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Another workout station at the top of this rise (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
You want roots? There are a couple... (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Bridge over Slough Creek (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A few more roots... (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) This trail needs more riders (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) A nice little creek crossing (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Tupulo Trail has been re-opened - sweet singletrack (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) End of the road (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Up and down with a log crossing (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) More of Tupulo Trail (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) This new bridge makes things a little easier (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill)
Left = sand, Right = singletrack (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) If you went left to Village Creek Trail... (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Thread the needle or cross on the trees (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) Water Oak Trail = doubletrack (photo courtesy of EastTexasBill) 


  Village Creek is not worth the drive no matter how close you are to it. There are three trails at the park but none are suitable for bike riding.
  The Village Creek trail leads to the swimming area and is 90% thick sand. It's a mile long one way and is an out-and-back trail. You'll be pushing you bike thru the sand a majority of the time.
  The Water Oak trail is a jeep road with deep ruts. It's mostly flat with no technical areas unless you call sand technical. The sand isn't nearly as thick as on the Village Creek trail but it's noticeable. There's lots of debris laying on the trail waiting to eat up your drive train! The only redeeming feature is the beaver swamp which is nice to look at.
  The last trail is the Caney Slough Trail (ed. unkown trails). This is the closest to an actual bike trail in the park. It's short at about .8 miles and has little sand and quite a few up-n-downs. The entire trail is triple-wide track and has a massive amount of trail debris. I spend most of my time removing small tree limbs from my drive train. There are also tons of vines with extremely sharp needles on them. I finished the trail with bloody scratch marks all over my arms and legs.
  It's a nice park for hiking or swimming but for it to be even a halfway decent bike park would require a lot of hard work. If these were the only bike trails in Texas I'd drive out of the state just to avoid this park. Not worth the effort.
~ soccerdude(Nov 2009)


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Last modified: 15 April 2012