Oak Thicket Park
 Fayetteville, TX

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3 miles


wide path; doubletrack

out and back

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no fee for trail use only


• Cabins of various sizes (feat. heat and A/C, bed and bath linens, satellite TV, coffee maker, small refrigerator, microwave, and bathrooms)
• Kitchenettes can be found in larger cabins
• Picnic tables, grills, and campfire rings outside
• RV campsites with electric and water hookups
• Screened shelters (feat. electricity, ceiling fans, picnic table, grill, & a campfire ring
• Restrooms
• Boat ramp
• Playground

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(512) 389-8900


Welcome to Oak Thicket Park Fees apply to those planning on doing more than just trail riding Oak Thicket to Prairie Park Hike and Bike Trail trailhead A quiet stretch of trail A continuation of that quiet stretch of trail
Sections that may present as water crossings are concrete, so splash away! A moderaterly winding stretch of trail through the trees Looking out across Lake Fayette from the side of the trail A view of Lake Fayette from the trail, with the power plant off in the distance
Heading back into the wooded area A wide path makes up the majority of Oak Thicket Park's trail Um...the sign on the Park Prairie end of the trail A view of Lake Fayette from the Park Prairie trailhead
Obviously this section is used more by park vehicles Heading back to Oak Thicket Park Mile markers can be found along the side of the trail Try and avoid the countless ant hills that dot the trail


  Before ya’ load the bikes to hit a little-known trail along Lake Fayette, stretching between Oak Thicket Park and Park Prairie, don’t…not just for the purpose of riding, anyhow. Although a decent length of approximately 6.25 miles, the Oak Thicket to Park Prairie Hike and Bike Trail isn’t even close to being worth the drive if riding is your only goal. However, if you have other things on your to-do list, then Oak Thicket Park might not be such a bad place to go. Featuring everything from camping shelters, to bunkhouses with amenities, to RV hookups, Oak Thicket Park is a great weekend destination for the whole family to get out and breathe a little fresh air. If you do find yourself passing by Lake Fayette and decide to hit the trail, be aware that parking at the playground is free for those using only the trail and/or playground. In order to access any of the other features of Oak Thicket Park, there is a $4 per adult fee (see photos).
  The trailhead is easily marked and quickly ducks you into the woods surrounding Lake Fayette. Quickly you’ll realize why this isn’t exactly a noteworthy mountain bike destination, as the trail is a mix of wide path and doubletrack, and the elevation change is minimal. Nevertheless, the trail is a rather relaxing one that, although doesn’t offer much, asks even less. With that in mind, Oak Thicket Park is a great place to get someone’s feet wet when it comes to riding on a trail.
  The trail gently winds along Lake Fayette, occasionally placing you within feet of the lake itself, then dipping back into the wooded area. One of the nice things about this trail is that even if there has been rain in the recent forecast, areas that may typically become water crossings are still rideable without fear thanks to being concrete (see photo). Another nice touch are the mile markers you will find along the trail in both directions. Although only 3 miles, it’s always nice to know just how far you have gone (in the absence of any other means)
  From a technical perspective, this trail barely exceeds a 1, but doesn’t justify a rating of 2, so if 1.5 is an option, that’s where this trail would fall. The turns are gradual and predictable, the elevation is so minimal that it may hardly be noticed, and the surface, although slightly sandy in some spots, fails to provide any sort of challenge.
  The bottom-line is basically this: if you are looking to supplement a camping/fishing trip with a little bit of two-wheel time, Oak Thicket Park is a viable option. If you are just seeking out a new place to ride, Oak Thicket is not the spot, unless done in conjunction with hitting other nearby trails (Bluff Creek Ranch, the Lake Somerville trails, or even Rocky Hill Ranch).
~ 2009)


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Last modified: 24 February 2010