Harry S. Moss Park
 Dallas, TX

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5.46 miles



5 connected loops



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(214) 670-4100 - City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Dept.

• Hours: 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.
• Blue Loop:        1.06 miles
• Yellow By-Pass:  0.24 mile
• Green Loop:      1.05 mile
• Purple Loop:      1.54 miles
• Black Loop:        0.15 mile
• Orange Loop:     1.65 miles
• White Tot Loop: 0.025 miles

 (photo courtesy of Howard Kincaid) Green loop bench cut exit (photo courtesy of Howard Kincaid)  (photo courtesy of Howard Kincaid)


Updated Description:
 The Harry Moss Park Trail is the product of a partnership between the City of Dallas and DORBA. As of November 2010 construction of the off-road bike trail began. It is 5.46 miles long. Harry Moss Park Trail is currently comprised of 5 connected “loops” – BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLACK and ORANGE. All trails are mostly in the trees, providing for some tight and twisting areas with some long flowing areas, Dips, Dirt Mounds, Tree Gates, 7 Wooden Bridges, and some short Hills. A number of areas of the trail come close to the edge of White Rock Creek, making for a very pleasant environment. This is a multi-use trail so please be considerate of all other trail users.
~ H. Kincaid (Oct 2012)

 This is the newest mtb trail in Dallas, opened in Dec 2010. As of 20 Aug 2011 there are 3 main loops (Blue, Green, Orange) and a Yellow Bypass section [ed. now 5 1/4 loops]. Start with the Blue section in the front, it starts with easy singletrack, a narrow tree-gate and a bridge crossing with a couple of crossings over rock piles.
  At the split, either take the Yellow Bypass to the left (easy route) or continue on the Blue Loop to the right. This part of the Blue winds up and down along the bank of the creek and the railroad right-of-way; intermediate level for the first half of Blue Loop. You can get a really good workout if you push it. The Blue meets back up with the Yellow at the bridge for Walnut Hill Road. Go left to stay on the Blue Loop back to the parking lot (this section is mostly flowy and fast), or go right under the bridge to the Green Loop.
  The Green Loop climbs up and down the bank of Walnut Hill Road and then along the bank of the DART line, lots of off-camber. The second half of the Green Loop is flat with some twisty parts and tree gates. Shortly after you cross under the Walnut Hill Bridge again, you can enter Orange Loop on left. It has some fast, flowing sections for about 2 miles.
  We plan to add more trail inside the Green Loop. There are 4 miles now and should be about 6 miles of trail when finished.
~ H. Kincaid (Aug 2011)


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Last modified: 20 October 2012