Cross Timbers Trail
 Gordonville, TX

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7 miles (one way)


singletrack; doubletrack

out and back w/ loop

Cedar Bayou Marina

$5 per vehicle

Lost Loop

• Camping (primitiave and w/ water)
• Boat rentals

Cedar Bayou Marina

(877) 523-4248
(903) 523-4248
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• It is necessary to register at the gate shack in East Juniper Point from April through October.
• If you visit the trail from November through March, please sign in on the registration sheet at the trailhead.



  I try and ride [this] trail as much as possible. Here a few things you need to know:
  You can no longer park on the left side for free. That is for RV camping now. You can park anywhere in the Marina or in the dirt parking lot on the right side before the gate but it is $5.00 a car. There is a drop box at the black gate for your $$$$.
  The mountain biking trail is marked red and the hiking trail is marked green. If you get on a really, really, hard part you probably missed a turn off for the bike trail. Sometimes the markers are on the ground. The bike trail usually connects back to the hiking trail at certain spots.
  Riding the Lost Loop is the best. From Cedar Bayou ride back towards the neighborhood you came in on. Right before you get to the houses there will be a trail on your right - take that. Hitting the trail at the RV camping area is a pain.
 Ride out to Lost Loop. When you get to the Lost Loop sign - go right. You will come back out the general area you entered. However, you have a choice to keep going straight on the trail. If you do, it does get harder and then you end up at the bottom of a ditch area with a bridge (that may or may not be washed out). You can continue on the hiking trail but then it gets really, really hard. I just like Lost Loop myself.
  Also, when you are riding Lost Loop it is easy to miss the last left turn and you end up at that same bridge (that may be washed out). Just turn around and get back on the trail.
  Once you have ridden Lost Loop going right. Then ride it going left. It is not a one way trail.
  Then once you are done and head back and get on the road you can go to the trail on the other side of the road. It is hard to see that trail but there is a small bridge there. This side is more technical and then becomes hike-a-bike.
  Love the trail. Lost Loop is not very technical and it flows really great.
~ Jennifer(Dec 2008)


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Last modified: 5 July 2010