Texana Ranch
 Bronte, TX

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90 miles




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• Running water and electricity
• Club house with showers and cooking facilities
• RV hookups for water and electric (limited)


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• Access to Texana Ranch is restricted to Ross Creek Trail Riders (RCTR) members and their guests ONLY.
• Interested in being an RCTR guest? Contact Thad. (see Contact)

Disclaimer: The mention of this trail on this site is NOT a solicitation for members. No consideration of RCTR membership issues will be discussed on this website.

  I've been a member of this club since about 1979. I started riding my MTB at this ranch in about 1995. I would compare the terrain here as very "hill country" both in terrain features and topography. Comfort, TX [Flat Rock Ranch] would be a reasonable facsimile.
  While a hardtail can be ridden here, a full susser of some kind is recommended. I ride a Nomad for the most part, but I recently obtained an '08 SJ FSR which is working out nicely. There are lots of rocks and ledges. Dirt motors run on this trail with regularity, but trail work tends to keep the trails from turning into drainage ditches. For any competent MTB'er, they are very rideable overall with some very challenging and fast rocky sections. The trail has a reasonable amount of flat sections, but most of the time one is either going up or down at various angles. There will be places where even the best rider will be pushing his/her bike. This is probably not a place for a really new rider unless they just possess good, solid, riding skills from the start.
  The terrain has lots of cedar bushes everywhere, but also has an amazing amount of hardwood trees. The trail twists and turns a good deal and long straight pedaling sections are the exception rather than the norm. The overall views and scenery are beautiful. This ranch also has exotic game ranging from elk, big horn sheep, and other animals with names and origins that I have no idea. There are occasional hunts on the property, but often they are just in specific sections, and the property is not always closed during either deer season or exotic hunts...but sometimes it is closed overall. We maintain contact with ranch personnel to stay informed on this issue. I have never heard or seen any danger of any kind from the wildlife to riders. Spooking a deer or elk and having a collision with said animal is possible but hasn't happened in my many years there as far as I know.
  The trail sections are in large fenced sections. The trail always flows one-way for obvious reasons with dirt motor traffic. Conflict with MTBs and dirt motors has been non-existent, and dirt motors always have the right-of-way. It's easy to hear them coming and be clear of the singletrack when it occurs. While this may sound hazardous, one must remember that the trail mileage is huge, and membership is small. This isn't a state park or a place like Moab, UT. On a busy weekend when a lot of riders are on the trails, it's very possible to never actually cross paths with a dirt motor. And like I said at the start, anyone not a member will be riding with an experienced member and will receive proper instruction and guidance at all times.
  I ride at Moab 2 weeks every the place. I've been to many other riding venues too. I'd rate Bronte as second only to Moab. Bronte has gnarly, challenging terrain, but it's not always trying to kick your tail either. Some level of fitness is required, as climbing and technical descending is the norm. The rocks are occasionally loose, so bike handling skills when things go awry are necessary. Protective gear is almost a requirement if you're going to do anything but "creep" along the trail...and creeping at some spots might be a hazard in itself. Momentum is often your friend here.
  There is an inner network of ranch roads that would have some county road engineers envious. The land owner is an expert heavy equipment operator and has the equipment and roads to prove it. This offers an excellent network of roads on the ranch to get to specific spots and sections of the ranch. And in case of emergency or an injured rider, easier access is possible.
  As I stated at the beginning, this trail is very "Texas hill country" in nature. I will [provide] pics and one of our riders [provided the] great 3D views with some of our trail rides painted over them to give perspective [see Trail Map(s)]. I am new to this sort of thing, so my report here is a work in progress.
  I ride frequently at this location, and it will be possible to hook up for a ride and even camping for multiple day rides. We have great camping at our club HQ. There are no RV hookups for non-members, but access to good, running water, restrooms, and even cooking facilities are available. I work part time at Biketown in Abilene, TX and can either be contacted there or a message left at (325) 677-2453. I also frequent as "TNC" and can be PM'd there.
 ~ T. Carey

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Last modified: 10 July 2009