Lake Arrowhead State Park
 Wichita Falls, TX

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5.5 miles


wide path

out and back with loops

TPWD  |  GPS/Google (.kml)

$3 per person 13 and older/day use (annual pass available for $70)


• Restrooms with and without showers
• Picnic sites with shade
• Campsites (with water nearby)
• Campsites with water and electricity (50 amp)
• Group picnic pavilion in the equestrian area (capacity 125)
• Walk-in group primitive area (capacity 40) about 50 yards from parking at the edge of the road (one fire ring; .6 miles to the lake)
• Group dining hall with a full stove with oven, refrigerator, microwave, central heat and air, and restrooms (capacity 50)
• 18-hole disc (Frisbee) golf course
• Trailer dump station
• Concrete launching ramp
• Lighted fishing piers
• Fish-cleaning shelters - one at the boat ramp & one at the pier
• Floating boat dock
• Day-use horseback riding area (300 acres with potable water and restrooms)
• 4 equestrian campsites with water, electricity (50 amp), a picnic table, a fire ring, a tie rail, a corral and 4 covered stalls

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(940) 528-2211
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  Let’s get this out right away, mountain biking should not be your primary goal when visiting Lake Arrowhead State Park. If the primary goal is to get out of the house and go camping or out on the water, then by all means, bring your bike and your Frisbee and hit the trail.
  Why a Frisbee? Well, considering that the disc golf course can be found along the trail on either side of the road at the trailhead it might add some fun to the initial part of your ride. In other words, the Lake Arrowhead trail starts out boring. Considering that the trail consists of nothing more than a wide, mowed path that offers zero elevation change for the first mile or so and that mowed grass doesn’t make for a nice rolling surface, it’s no surprise that you might find yourself thinking you should have brought a Frisbee. And, oh by the way, since the trail is nothing more than a mowed trail, the terrain can be a bit rough (imagine driving a car down a road that is in disrepair).
  After completing the first loop, cross the park road and continue along. At first the trail is no different than what you were just riding, but does narrow its width to about half of what it was. Unfortunately, this side of the road wasn’t so recently mowed, which made it feel more like riding through a field in the middle of nowhere at times, but still easy to follow. As you ride along, you will come to a trail marked Hiking Trail. This section will add about 0.5 mile to your ride and bring you to the steepest part of Lake Arrowhead’s trail, bringing you up to a ridgeline that is a dead end and a nice spot to take a break. Then turn around, go down the hill and turn right back at the intersection.
  Almost every trail in the world has one distinct feature that you will always associate with that trail. Lake Arrowhead State Park is no different with the trail leading through a large tunnel that takes you past the road above (see photo). The far side of the tunnel is actually where the not-so-mowed grass really begins (can’t the mower fit through the tunnel?). The trail actually starts to take a little more shape (read: more turns) on the far side of the tunnel and even provides minimal elevation changes (keyword being minimal), but still doesn’t offer enough to justify mountain biking being your number one reason for being at Lake Arrowhead State Park.
~ 2009)

Welcome to Lake Arrowhead State Park The trailhead leading to the smaller loop The trails are simply mowed paths Some sections are easily wide enough for four bikes side-by-side Being recently mowed just adds to the resistance your tires face
On a positive note, you ride by the lake Watch out for flying discs! Cross the road at the trailhead and the trails narrows The intersection leading to the Hiking Trail Perhaps the most entertaining part of the trail
Probably the most winding section at Lake Arrowhead The greatest elevation change can be found along the Hiking Trail



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Last modified: 28 November 2011